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Found 9 results

  1. Any success or failures with rtms, tms, deep brain stimulation? Meds just don't seem to work well for me. My depression is chronic with dips and peaks and my cognition is impaired heavily. I do remember being knocked out violently at 5yo and 8yo, not sure if that caused some sort of brain damage. Ugh another day if this shit...
  2. I’ve been dealing with an episode of anxiety and depression since the beginning of January. Despite having had some similar episodes in the early 2000s, I was anxiety and depression free from 2008 until January. I have increase my Paxil dose to 40mg (I was on 30mg for the last 10 years) and I’ve added Lamictal. Just gotten up to the 100 mg range 3 days ago, so hopefully I will balance out soon! In my quest to feel better and get my life back on track, I started researching additional options and came across TMS. I had a consultation and managed to convince my insurance to cover 36 visits (yay!). I had my first visit to get set up on March 5th and then went on vacation. I felt quite a bit better throughout March so I decided to delay starting TMS. Unfortunately the anxiety and depression has returned. I start TMS on Monday. They only had one appointment for me next week, though they said they’ll probably get some cancellations, but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s done this and who can share their experience. I’m not afraid of the treatment, just that it won’t help. Did you go 5 days a week? My doctor says between 2 and 3 days a week will have the same effect. I’ve read some stories on here, but they’re all a couple years old, so I’m hoping for some more recent accounts. Thank you in advance!!
  3. Well finished my last session of tms yesterday... Cried all day long for no reason, so pretty discouraging. It'll take a bit I think to see if it helped; I thought it was but now I'm not so sure. If it's helped it's certainly not much. also ramping up on lamictal (second attempt, higher dose) and I'm not at the full dose yet but no help there either. pretty hard to feel any hope right now. I suppose it helps a little because there's not as much painful, bone-crushing, soul-sucking misery, but then every day is different. But I'm still in tears most days and sitting on the couch while my house turns to shit and my kids cry because I won't play with them... Still very little interest in anything. I've had brief moments when I feel better but fleeting, and it almost makes it harder when the misery comes right back. maybe acceptance of some kind is all I can hope for at this point. The hardest part of that is what it does to the people in my life. My husband runs himself into the ground working six days a week AND picking up ALL the slack; my 4 year old daughter doesn't understand why mommy is always sad. She just told me, "Mommy, maybe when daddy comes home I can buy you a necklace and you won't be sad anymore." Poor sweet girl... I can't stand the effect this has on her... She deserves a mom, not a negligent babysitter. just venting I guess... Don't know what else to do anymore.
  4. Hi All, I spend most of my time in chat, and rarely post here. It was suggested to me in chat that I start a thread on my personal experience with TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation. I should have probably started this thread when I started TMS, but just didn't think about it then, so we'll have to jump in mid-treatment. As of today, I'm 15 treatments into a 30 treatment plan. History: I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder eight years ago, in 2008. Prior to that, I was a happy, very functional adult with a great career. Two years ago, in 2014, that diagnosis was changed to Major Depressive Disorder, as I hadn't had any manic symptoms in years and years. . . just crippling depression. Back to TMS, my husband found an article on TMS earlier this year, and began researching it frantically. He found a physician that practiced TMS locally, in Saint Louis, and scheduled the appointment for me. We went to the initial meeting. After a two hour interview and Q&A, the doctor agreed to write up a case for our insurance to cover the treatment with one condition. . . I had to completely quit drinking. Zero drinking. . . starting that day. At the time, I was drinking heavily, and was concerned about detox, but, we got rid of all of the alcohol, and so far, that part has been relatively easy. A week after the initial meeting, my insurance approved the treatment, so we were going. No turning back now. The actual treatment: They sit you down in a very comfortable chair, secure a bunch of stuff to your head including tape measures and a very large white helmet. This helmet contains a big magnet that is supposed to zap your brain right above your left eyebrow. I was not prepared for the magnet. On day one, it hurts like hell. Feels like a woodpecker is sitting on your forehead and pecking away very rapidly above your eyebrows. . . your body shakes and eyes water. The sessions are 20 minutes in duration, with 2 second intervals of woodpecker. After week one was complete, 5 sessions down, I started to feel lighter. . . like the clouds had started to part, and colors were much more vibrant. Weeks two and three were more of the same, 5 days a week for treatment. Sometimes the woodpecker hurt badly, other times, it was tolerable and I've been able to crochet or watch TV. I've had good days and bad days, but feel like so far it's showing great promise. As of right now, I'm 3 weeks, 15 treatments into a 30 day treatment plan. I leave in 2 1/2 hours to go get magnetized again and am optimistic about the future. I know there is a whole lot of conflicting information about TMS. For me, I've seen quite a bit of improvement. It may be placebo, but if it is, I'll take it!! Thanks for listening. Kristen
  5. Hi everyone, I didn't know where to put this topic, but it relates to recurrent bipolar II depression, treatment-resistant, so I figured I'd put it here. Please alert me if it's moved so that I can find it later. I recently saw my pdoc, and after more than 6 months of treatment with me still not getting better with my weekly 4-day depressive meltdowns, he recommended looking into transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Basically: 1) Is this safe? Do I risk jumbling up another part of my brain? I figure it couldn't be any worse than what my meds are currently doing. 2) Does it work or is it a pseudoscience? I know "Magnet Therapy" has been disproven as nothing more than a pseudoscience. But "transcranial magnetic stimulation" doesn't appear to be based on my preliminary research. 3) How does it work? 4) Does it matter if I'm taking a bunch of meds at the time of therapy? 5) Personal experiences with TMS? Thank you all in advance troop
  6. So, you may have read my post about Deep TMS and how it saved my life. Unfortunately, my feelings were short lived. My last treatment was Wednesday 4\27\2016. As soon as I tapered down to one treatment a week, I was sent into a depressive fog. I became suicidial, depressed, isolative, and started to self injure. My treatment team is very aware and I live in a boarding home so I am pretty safe. I am on suicidial checks and also just hang out in the community. I, still am on the end of my rope. So, next step: ECT. I hope it works. Peace.
  7. I was able to discontinue Latuda a month ago thanks to TMS treatments. This was a huge relief because I had gained weight on it (and on Abilify previously, which also raised my cholesterol.) For any of you who gained weight on an antipsychotic and then went off it, were you able to lose the weight? I was hoping I would have at least lost a pound or two by now but no such luck. I really hope these drugs haven't permanently slowed my metabolism. I'm a total health nut and I still was one when I was on the medication (they didn't make me eat more.) Obviously it takes time to lose weight but I'm a little concerned that I haven't lost so much as an ounce.
  8. Hello. I am reaching out thru this site for a go to place where people are interesting, real, and understand the stress of being mentally ill. I take life too seriously - family loves to be around me when they need help, advise, a "loan", a place to stay. Ah, but when I am too mentally down to assist others, then I am judged and ignored. My dad says I was born an old soul - that I never acted like a carefree child. I see life thru dark colored glasses - my depression making life often appear more stressful and dreary than it is. I live in a beautiful part of upstate New York in a very rural community. During some periods of my life I see the beauty and goodness in my life. But even as a child I would have reclusive times when my bedroom with a book was my only comfort zone. I was always a perfectionist - which I try to be kind about, but can see how annoying some find it. It drives me crazy sometimes. Cookies need to be same size and darkness. Plants can't be lopsided. Clothes need to be folded with seams matched. If person or a pet is sick I got into high gear out of anxiety and am jokingly called "Nurse Nancy". I have rescued many cats and kittens brought to me for I literally lose sleep over them in my attempt to save them. Mood swings abound. The strictness of my religious upbringing caused me to feel like a sinner/loser - thus my attempt to be a good girl and not disappoint others. Spiritual peace is one of many discoveries I am searching for. The death of my Mom in a farm accident when I was 17 increased my struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and a form of PTSD. I finally sought the help of a psych Doctor at 25 yrs old when I had postpartum psychosis. Had great success with a tricyclic, but 5 yrs later my liver said no more. Psych meds and I have had a constant battle every since. I have tried ECT and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) without relief. 4 yrs ago I attempted suicide. Currently I am on Ativan and muscle relaxers to sleep. I take natural supplements and go to talk therapy bi-weekly. I started receiving disability in June 2013. I am in search of a new Psychiatrist who accepts Medicare which comes with being disabled. Living in a rural area makes finding a good doctor a bit daunting. I have a loving, supportive son. Thanks for reading my rambling saga. I am going by the name "Showtime"
  9. I have mixed feelings on the topic, and I'm hoping someone here has been through it and can provide me with some guidance. I have pretty good insurance but I am still concerned about what my share of the cost would be. I also have facial piercings which are not easily removed (especially not by myself, I don't know how or what way to turn the little balls to get those suckers off). Medications cost me nothing out of pocket, but this procedure may cost me several thousand that I simply don't have. My other concerns are that I don't have MDD. I am bipolar II, along with OCD, GAD, and social phobia. TMS isn't approved for anything but MDD. I'm freaked out. I don't want to pay thousands of dollars for my doctor to play mad scientist with tesla coils and magnets in my brain and then to have to keep taking meds anyway. Has anyone in my situation had success with TMS?
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