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Found 13 results

  1. So, I'm bipolar, type 2. I tend to live in depression and only occasionally get the kind of manic you could replicate with a good caffeine high. I've been on Sertraline for over a year. I can't actually remember how long. I'm currently at 150 mg once daily, and I have been since October of last year. I also take Trileptal, recently reduced from 300 mg twice a day to 150 mg twice a day at my request. I requested the decrease in Trileptal because my pdoc said that it was the more likely cause of my persistent brain fog and exhaustion. I've been on that for a long time. 4 years? 5? Around there. The reduction in Trileptal doesn't seem to have made any difference. I can't think straight anymore. I'm making mistakes at work, and my last mistake caused a minor injury. I'm tired from the moment I wake up until I finally pass out at the end of the day. But getting to sleep is difficult. No matter how tired I am, it takes forever to sleep. And then I tend to sleep lightly. I'm forgetting things. Important things. But not interpersonal things- just work things. I can remember the details about a coworker's date last week or what my boyfriend said about something two months ago, but conversations my boss has had with me about what she wants? Gone. Either I'm being gaslit (possible, she's known to think she had conversations with people that never happened, but this is happening more and more often) or I've got some big holes opening up in my head. And it's concerning. One of my coworkers is also bipolar, and when we talked, she suggested that it's from having been on sertraline for as long as I have. Anyone had that happen? On sertraline or anything else? I also take allegra for my allergies, vitamin b complex as well as a vitamin d supplement. Aside from a vitamin D deficiency, my bloodwork always comes back damn near perfect, though with COVID I haven't gotten it done this year. I tend to be very very sensitive to sedating medications- klonopin and benadryl both leave me groggy for at least a day afterwards and when I was on venlafaxine I couldn't stay awake. Wellbutrin xl gave me massive stomach cramps, and I got the lamotrigine rash.
  2. Back in September, I had smoked marijuana and not long after had a reaction. Whole body became tense, then my head would snap to the side. I could talk but had to force words out. Then my right arm fused to my side and hands would curl in violently, painfully. Towards the end there was uncontrollable upward eye movements. I was aware and worried but decently calm during it. I thought it was maybe a buspirone/trileptal/welbutrin reaction re: the marijuana but saw a neurologist just in case. He said he's never heard of a marijuana interaction with my meds like that or even marijuana having that reaction in general. Told me it sounded like dystonia and to take benadryl the next time it happens. Fast forward to 6/24 (last week). I went in for knee surgery. When I woke up I was still in a bit of pain so the nurse gave me dilaudid. Now, my perception of time during this is off, but not too long after I started having the same kind of jerking sensations as described above. This time it was less violent. My back kept arching and my neck was snapping to the side. Arms twitching. I was calm about it but the staff seemed confused. They gave me ativan and after a little bit, while i was still spasming, I managed to tell them what the neurologist said and they gave me benadryl. I don't know how long it took to stop, but it did. After, in recovery 2, the anesthesiologist came up to me to see how I was doing. Asked me about buspirone and what I was taking it for. It seemed like he wanted me not to take it but didn't say it out right? I guess my question is, if anyone has had any sort of reactions like this before? I'm not entirely sure what to do with this.
  3. Can anyone share their experiences please? :-))
  4. I am bipolar II and am currently taking Trileptal as a mood stabilizer along with Lamictal, loxapine, and Aplenzin. Has anyone taken this extended release version of Trileptal for BP?
  5. I've tried a lot of meds when I was really, really feeling horrible. I was always scared, but I never hesitaded much. I've had intoxications before, real bad ones, from "overdosing" (mixing similar things)... But still, never felt so scared of taking a new medication like I am now of Trileptal. maybe because I'm more stable than ever? I'm somewhat afraid of feeling worse overall, too. Like Trileptal can break this good phase and affect other meds... Either way, I'm really scared of trying it, so i'd like some input regarding safe measures to start well. First, some info on what I'm taking: I'm currently on: Lithium CR 1200mg total sometimes Xanax as needed I also take, some days: l-theanine 5-htp fish oil ALCAR Inositol ginkgo biloba Supplements I took yesterday morning. Xanax too. Lithium last night and this morning, so it's the only one I'm worried concerning interactions (despite none of these interacting directly with Trileptal, from what I've gathered). Would starting at 75mg be an effective to way to test how good Trileptal would be for me, and avoid side effects? I was thinking about starting at either 150mg or 75mg, to avoid any possible bad outcome. Also, I would love your input regarding your experience on it. People said it's common to experience "sensory disturbances" while on it. Well, that scares me. For real. I don't really give in easy to fear, but, well, I don't wanna play with psychosis and end up with a broken brain. lol You can say that medications never change you, but, uh... After my serotonin syndrome I was permanent in a more mellow state and relaxed. Not bad at all. lol And Geodon gave me permanent "pure O".
  6. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Type 1, I think. I have tried four mood stabilizers: Trileptal, Depakote, Seroquel, and Rispradol. All of them resulted in severe canker sores in my mouth and blood blisters in my throat. It took 1 to 3 weeks for the sores to die down. Trileptal seemed to work for about 2 weeks. The reaction to Trileptal was the worst, and I didn't eat much for about 9 days. Canker sores. Panic attack. Sweating. Nausea. Depakote worked for about a month before the reaction. About the same reaction as trileptal, but I recovered more quickly. I took Seroquel once. It gave me a strange dream trip and I slept heavily for 15 hours, waking up for a few minutes several times. I was dizzy, confused, felt like I was drunk, and had numb limbs. I had numbness for a few days after the dose. I took Rispradol for about three days and then became dizzy, had nausea, and nearly fainted. Numbness in the limbs also. It is frustrating to have tried taking so many medications, but none of them worked. I'm off medication and waiting for my next pdoc appointment.
  7. My new psychiatrist seemed good to me overall. He prescribed me the generic form of Trileptal, which is oxcarbazepine. 300 mg twice a day. I used it for about 10 days. Initially it made me feel calm. The first three days or so, I needed to take short naps once or twice a day. During such a nap, I slept for about 20 minutes, but felt as if I had been asleep for two hours, and I felt very rested when I woke up. I've been more level overall, and several times, I was able to get up early in the morning, say 4:30 AM. Last Wednesday night (12 Feb 2014), I had an allergic reaction to the oxcarbazepine. I was panicked, and very confused. I wasn't thinking normally. I had very shallow breathing, and a shallow pulse. I felt my heart might stop. Now I think maybe I should have called an ambulance, but I didn't think of that at the time. Also, at the time, I didn't even think to blame the medication. I felt like I could feel the moon and Mercury pulling on me, and I blamed them and other things for making me feel weird. I felt claustrophobic, and the rather spacious room I was staying in felt like a prison. I talked to my pdoc over the phone twice. He said stop taking the meds, and take Benadryl. Go to the ER if necessary, but otherwise just rest and let the oxcarbazepine get out of my system. Now, three nights later, I'm still recovering. I have a sore throat, a very painful tongue, and bad sores in my mouth. I haven't eaten much. It hurts to eat because of the mouth sores and my appetite is messed up. I've used oral lidocaine and been able to eat some.
  8. Forgive me if this has been asked before but I was wondering if anyone has endured hot flashes and occasional heat rashes while on Trileptal? I know it is the norm for Lamictal but this is bugging me!
  9. I have "Mood Disorder NOS." I don't meet the criteria for a diagnosis of bipolar but I have mood fluctuations and lots of irritability. I've tried every type of antidepressant to no avail, and have taken a couple of anticonvulsants with a little more luck. Lamictal was awful, but I've been on Trileptal for about three to four weeks. It seems to even me out, and I've been excited about finally FINALLY finding something that worked. I started at 300 mg/day instead of working up to that because my doctor knows I'm unlikely to remember to take a medication more than once a day. I was tired for about a week, then started feeling okay. After the first week, I noticed that my joints were sore. Mostly my hands and knees, but some discomfort in my elbows and shoulders. It went almost completely away everywhere except for my hands and my left knee. My knee has really hurt a lot. Every day, all day, and more than just a little discomfort. I rarely take any otc pain medication, but I have been reaching for the Tylenol every 4-6 hours throughout the day EVERY DAY. At first I didn't connect this to the new medicine, then I missed a dose. The next day, my knee didn't hurt nearly as much. The day after that, it did again. I started Googling and found very little info on this, but what I did find said to call the doctor right away if this happened. I called, and my doctor wasn't in, but the nurse asked another pdoc in the clinic and that one said to stop the meds until I see my doctor. I was hesitant to stop because it works to keep me feeling sane! I took it for a few more days, then stopped for two days. For those two days, my knee felt fine. I had other negative effects, and decided to take the medicine again tonight. My appointment with my doctor is Thursday. The joint pain is difficult to manage, but it's not to the point that I can't walk. After everything I've been through with whatever disorder I have, and all the drugs I've tried that haven't worked, I'm willing to endure some joint pain if it will keep my brain chemistry in order. There are some drugs out there that can cause permanent damage to tendons, etc., and I want to make sure that's not what's happening here. Pain I can deal with, but I'm not as eager to sign up for permanent damage. Anyway, since I didn't find anything online saying that joint pain was a common side effect of trileptal or oxcarbazepine (sp?) I wanted to ask if anyone here has experienced anything similar while taking this drug. I really want this drug to work out for me because I have tried so many. I don't know what else my doctor can try at this point, and I don't want him to resort to giving me Lithium or something. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for sharing any related experiences you may have had.
  10. Does anyone else have a problem telling their doctors that the meds are working when they really aren't? I think I may be to the point where I am over trying a new med and I just think I'm broken forever.
  11. Started 150mg twice daily 2 weeks ago. One week ago up to 300 twice daily. This was for mood stabilizing after mixed episode to get the last ups and downs regulated. Also on Lamictal 200 twice a day. At 600mg total daily I just feel dumb. I forget words. I ask questions over and over. Words come out in the wrong order. And I'm angry/sad all the time. I expected some of this but I still think 600 is sub-therapeutic. I metabolize drugs like nobody's business. It used to take 30mg of Ambien to put me to sleep and then not that great sleep. 4mg ativan feels like half a Benadryl. I know these are all substrates of different cytochromes but do I need to get pdoc to get me up to therapeutic dose? It's so hard to even get a note to the nurse and takes a week to get answers. Or does this get a little better... at least not as angry? Thanks!
  12. I tried looking up information here on CB about this, but I didn't really find anything. I'd like to ask the community, has any of you taken or is taking Trileptal for bipolar? How is it working for you? Were/are there any side effects? Any other advice you can share about your experience with the medication? Thanks for all your help, ~ Andy
  13. I basically only have alcoholics giving me advice anymore (1.75 years sober, in AA) so I decided to ask some variably more or less sane people who might know more about this topic for some advice. 2000-2005: Progressive depression supplemented by alcohol and drug use. 2005: Psychotic break, induced by drugs, alcohol, lack of proper food and sleep and, of course, my brain chemistry. Diagnosis: Dual diagnosis Bipolar (I don't know if it was I or II) and Addiction. Medication conclusion: 1000mg Depakote and 300mg Wellbutrin daily. 2005-2010: Consistent use of meds. On and off, mostly off sobriety. Periods of heavy drinking and drug (mostly just marijuana) use. 2010: Got sober seriously. I believe this allowed the medication combination to finally work fully within my system. I gained 60lbs due to gross overeating and, I want to say, Depakote assistance. 2012: Finally have been working with the same psychiatrist for 6+months. He had me on Trileptal and that made me feel disoriented, intoxicated, messed up so I had to go off it. Next he's having me try Lithium. My weight spiked a little but I'm just now getting a handle on not binge-eating and am interested in calorie/nutrition management and exercising and finally getting that weight off. LITHIUM/ WELLBUTRIN combo: 1. My anxiety has spiked. I've had one really bad panic attack and also just general can't sleep, feel like I'm having heart palpitations, tight chest, hating life at 1am anxiety. 2. Superficial side effects that I really don't want: hair has thinned, skin not great, weight, etc. 3. The good is that I have been more productive, less inclined to staying in bed all day in a depression-funk. The latter makes me think I have no reason to make any changes with my meds. BUT, I still don't know if I feel "normal" and I resent not knowing my adult "base-line". I want to go off my meds to see what my body does naturally and then re-assess my diagnosis and what I should be on. My doctor seemed permissive of this, though warning of it being a bad idea, when I initially resisted the Lithium but I decided to try the Lithium since he's the doctor. Now, Lithium has marginally improved and upset somethings and I'm back on wanting to stop all meds to re-evaluate from a natural state. I think it's fair to want to experience my natural state once in my adult life. With guidance, seeing a doctor regularly. Thoughts??? Goals: stable mood and weight loss. Still get excited/ happy but not manic, eliminate bouts of life-stalling depression. I want to believe this is all possible from a natural brain chemistry.
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