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Found 14 results

  1. hello, new here. i found the board by googling two of my meds interactions. went to my psych today and got a new med... read about two of my meds interaction and lowkey i'm terrified lol. list of all drugs/substances i take once a day, all in the morning: 300mg bupropion qd 400mg lamictal qd 10mg generic zyrtec "women's" multivitamin 5000mg biotin birth control pill as needed: 30mg zenzedi OR adderall. i only take half at a time, and not every day, though i do most days 5mg ambien (take ~5x a week) my depression has been terrible for the last year -- tbh since the election. dropped out of Uni fall semester last year and haven't been since. i have been lazy, 100000% unmotivated, reclusive, gained 30lbs in less than 2 years etc etc. i don't want to leave the house to see my friends and family because i am embarrassed about my weight gain (also because of the reclusiveness i mentioned). after talking with my psych, she suggested adding 5mg Trintellix (Brintellix?). she mentioned that the most common side effects were nausea, diarrhea etc etc. she said that if it seemed to be helping i could lower my wellbutrin dose and perhaps stop taking it entirely (trintellix being its replacement). after leaving her office i did what any other millennial would do and googled the medication. there is a LOT of information about the possibility of serotonin syndrome being a side effect - i read somewhere 15%???? that seems low but like google it - it sounds terrifying. combining wellbutrin + trintellix has a "MAJOR" interaction per drugs.com, which states that the risks outweigh the benefits when combined. i immediately left my psych a message telling her basically what i said but less crazy (pfff lol) sounding. she called back and said that she's never seen that, it's very rare, she's met only one prescriber who reported it in a patient, and it's usually at higher doses. i feel a little better but still a bit nervous. not really sure what i'm expecting to get from this post but i'm so annoyed with taking a millions meds and i keep seeing deaths reported by combined meds, often including (not limited to) adderall and ambien. like i'm in my early 30s, i don't want to die in my sleep.... anyway, hi!
  2. Hello CrazyBoards, I started 5mg Trintellix a week ago and in a nutshell, felt 40-50% better the very next day. Before I get deafened with shouts of "PLACEBO!", think again since I'm treatment-resistant (20+ years) and never expect meds to work - because they nearly always don't. FTR I've tried tens of med combos, treatments, ECT, dTMS unsuccessfully. They either make me worse, have no effect or help somewhat and then poop-out within 2-4 weeks. Furthermore my mood started dipping significantly 3 days ago so I upped the dose to 7.5mg last night, again not expecting anything and lo and behold, I felt significantly better - like "naturally" or "simply" better today. Has anyone heard of, or experienced such a rapid improvement? Pete
  3. Hi everyone I have serious Bipolar II depression, and my pdoc recently put forth the idea of trying a new drug, Trintellix (Vortioxetine). It hasn't been on the market for very long, and as the old adage goes, "Wait for a new drug to be out for 7 years before you take it." Well, this one has been on the market for 3, so I'm trying to learn more about it and I'm having a hard time finding anyone who's actually taken the drug. My main concern is the number of receptors it hits. First-generation anti-depressants typically only hit 1 receptor. Newer anti-depressants, like Effexor, hit 2. But Trintellix hits 7, and that worries me. It worries me because I'm prone to having withdrawals from just about every drug I've ever been on, and I am also medication-resistant, which means I go on a new drug, it may work for a few months, then it "poops out" and I have to come off it, thus experiencing the withdrawals. Effexor was awful to come off of, and it only hits 2 receptors. This new drug hits 7! It almost reminds me of an atypical anti-psychotic in terms of how many receptors it hits. It's as if Big Pharma decided to package what is essentially an anti-psychotic as an anti-depressant to get away from the stigma that anti-psychotics have developed over the years given their side effects. When I came off of Zyprexa, I had the worst experience of my life and ended up in the emergency room. It took 2-3 months for the W/D to stop. Is Trintellix anything like Zyprexa, or any other anti-psychotic for that matter? From what I can tell, Trintellix hits 7 receptors, and Zyprexa hits 31 ... does that sound about right? I got this from Wikipedia: Trintellix: Target Affinity Functional activity Pharmacodynamic action Ki (nM) IC50 / EC50 (nM) IA (%) SERT* 1.6 5.4 — Inhibition NET* 113 — — Inhibition 5-HT1A* 15 200 96 Agonist 5-HT1B* 33 120 55 Partial agonist 5-HT1D* 54 370 — Antagonist 5-HT3* 3.7 12 — Antagonist 5-HT7* 19 450 — Antagonist β1-adrenoceptor 46[6] — — — Zyprexa: Receptor Ki (nM)[63] Biologic action and notes[64] 5-HT1A 2282 Antagonist. 5-HT1B 585 ? 5-HT1D 1061 ? 5-HT1E 2209 ? 5-HT2A 2.4 Inverse agonist. May underlie the "atypicality" of the newer antipsychotics like olanzapine. May contribute to sedating effects. 5-HT2B 11.9 Inverse agonist/antagonist. 5-HT2C 10.2 Inverse agonist. May underlie the appetite-stimulating effects of olanzapine. 5-HT3 202 Antagonist. Possibly responsible, at least in part, for its antiemetic action. 5-HT5A 1212 ? 5-HT6 8.07 Antagonist. 5-HT7 105.2 Antagonist. α1A 112 Antagonist. Likely responsible for the orthostatic hypotension seen with its use.[64] α1B 263 Antagonist. α2A 315 Antagonist. α2B 81.8 Antagonist α2C 28.9 Antagonist. M1 26 Antagonist. Likely the chief receptor responsible for the anticholinergic effects seen with olanzapine's use.[64] M2 63.5 Antagonist. M3 52.67 Antagonist. Possible role in type 2 diabetes side-effects.[65] M4 17.33 Antagonist. M5 7.5 Antagonist. D1 70.33 Antagonist. D2 3.00 Antagonist. Likely responsible for the therapeutic effects of olanzapine against the positive symptoms of schizophrenia.[64] D2Long 31 Antagonist. D2Short 28.77 Antagonist. D3 47 Antagonist. D4 14.33 Antagonist. D5 82 Antagonist. H1 2.19 Inverse agonist. Likely responsible for the sedative effects of olanzapine.[64] H2 44 Antagonist. H4 >10000 Antagonist. So it appears that Zyprexa hits a whole swath of the brain that Trintellix doesn't touch, so it's not like Zyprexa or other anti-psychotics then? It's still overlapping over the same 7 receptors as Trintellix, which makes me think that tardive dyskinesia could potentially be an issue. Trintellix has only been out for 3 years, so the number of patients from whom such statistics would point to tardive dyskinesia are unavailable simply because not enough people have taken the drug. Zyprexa, by comparison, has been on the market for much longer and likewise we have better stats as to the likelihood of developing tardive dyskinesia. Another thing, since it's so new, it hasn't been properly studied as to how it treats anxiety and OCD, both of which I have severely. Do any of you know if it helps with OCD/anxiety? Have any of you taken Trintellix? Can you share your experiences with me, and if you had any withdrawals coming off of it? Can anyone speak to the above information I provided regarding the receptors? If a single-receptor AD causes me W/D (such as Prozac), and a double-receptor drug like Effexor was even worse (way worse), what will a 7-receptor drug do? As always, thanks guys troop
  4. Just thought I would share some experience with Trintellix. I started 2-3 months ago on 5mg. mainly for anxiety and depression. I also take a variety of meds to help me sleep. Trintellix can be really nauseating when you start (for at least two weeks) When I moved up from 5mg to 10mg - I became comatose. So, I went back to 5 and it's been great- It' gives a little boost of energy- similar to vyvanse. It helps me not to go home and cry everyday. :-) I seem to eat less- in terms of general snacking. What I have found with this med - is even at this low dose- you metabolize alcohol more quickly. 2 drinks can = drunk. And, if I have a drink and get a little stoned- I'm up vomiting all night. Just putting the warning out there- not drinking is the way to go on this med.... wondering if anyone has had similar experiences...
  5. Hi there, I have had great success taking Trintellix (10mg) along with a small dose of Klonopin (.5mg) for a little over a year to control anxiety. However, I have recently noticed that the smallest thing can make me really angry. Often this is when I am under some stress (that's another issue -- I stress out extremely easily, but that has ALWAYS been an issue). This is anger directed at others, not usually myself (although I feel quite guilty once I realize that it was no big deal). Sometimes it's pretty bad anger (and I'll nag and give lectures to my kids, for example, for very little reason); other times it's just being extremely annoyed (usually it's the latter). I have always been the type to get stressed over little things; the Trintellix has not helped with that (but has helped tremendously with anxiety/panic). However, I feel like I'm angry much more often than I used to be. Could it be that I need to up my dosage from the 10mg? Or could it be that Trintellix can actually cause anger? Or could it be that consistent therapy is in order (can this sort of thing be "cured")? I feel like I'm ruining my marriage because I get angry at every little thing my husband does/doesn't do. One additional note: I am post-menopausal (about 4 years; went through menopause young). Could hormones still be at play? I do have a ton of hot flashes still, so I know I haven't completely adjusted. Thank you for any input!
  6. Hello, all. I'm new to this site. I've been working with a pdoc for the past 3 to 4 years and, more recently, a therapist, due to what I personally classify as treatment resistant MDD. I'm in my mid-forties. Throughout this time, my pdoc has tried multiple "cocktail" combinations of medications. Some combinations work for a while, but it's difficult to become excited when I'm in a good period because I know the bottom can, and likely will, drop out from under my feet again. I'm curious whether anyone has had any success with a similar pharmaceutical lineup like mine. I'm also hoping someone might have tips on outrunning the black dog for longer than a few months at a time. I trust my pdoc, but I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there are not many pdocs from which to choose. Some things to know: I have sleep apnea. For most of my adult life, I've fought drowsiness during the day no matter how much sleep I get. I've had multiple CPAP titrations, but they never seem to do much for the daytime sleepiness. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with ADD. Current medicinal lineup: Adderall (15 mg x 2 per day) Lamictal (75 mg x 2 per day) Xanax (0.5 mg x 3 per day) Buspar (15 mg x 4 per day) Trintellix (20 mg x 1 per day) Made me nauseated when I took it during the day, so my pdoc had me start taking it at bedtime, which made all the difference. Starting today, replacing Latuda with Vraylar (1.5 mg x 1 per day) Previously tried the following: Paxil (40 mg x 1 per day) I started this for social anxiety nearly 20 years ago and was taken off of it around 6 months ago. Going off of this after so long was a terrible experience, but those effects have subsided. Prozac Wellbutrin (150 mg x 1 per day) Latuda (20 mg x 1 per day) Seroquel (25 mg x 1 per day) Slept like a baby on this, but it made the daytime drowsiness worse. Rexulti Experienced akathisia with this one. Abilify Also experienced akathisia on this. Viibryd Had stomach cramps I'm also using the following supplements: Omega-3 Vitamin D Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc capsule Ashwaganda/Rhodiola
  7. Hello everyone! I've been noticing a lot of sexual dysfunction with the medications that I'm taking right now: oxcarbazepine, fluoxetine, loxapine, lisdexamfetamine. I'm inclined to think that it's the fluoxetine that's causing it. I have very little if any libido. I have difficulties getting an erection and if somehow I do manage to get one, keeping it up is even more problematic. And climaxes are....well....anti-climactic to say the least. I've only noticed sexual dysfunction this bad when I was on Lexapro. The only SSRI I ever took that really didn't cause any sexual dysfunction was Viibryd if I recall correctly. But Viibryd gave me a hyper-active GI and diarrhea. I don't think I can tolerate that again just to deal with sexual dysfunction. So I'm coming on here to ask those who take Trintellix if they feel that there is less sexual dysfunction compared to other serotonergic drugs that they have taken like the other SSRIs. Also would like to say that I feel like loxapine and lisdexamfetamine definitely help my libido. I notice it when I go up on loxapine especially. There's a theory in the psychiatric community that sexual dysfunction can be tempered with 5HT1A agonism or 5HT2A antagonism. Currently, loxapine does antagonize 5HT2A but it is also a minor antagonist at 5HT1A as opposed to agonist. I'm wondering if the 5HT1A agonism from Trintellix might do me some good. Also, I'm not open to switching the loxapine to something with 5HT1A agonism. The loxapine has to stay. The antidepressant is up for negotiation. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.
  8. Hi there, I'm new on Crazyboards but have benefited as a visitor from many a post. I have a rather unusual request/question. I have sleep anxiety like nobody's business. What I mean by this is that I worry/obsess that I won't get enough sleep AND if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep I get out-of-control anxiety and then, of course, can't fall back to sleep. I sweat, get heart palpitations, GI issues, you name it. And the horrible thing is, these symptoms go into the next day and then usually continue into the next night. The thing is, before all this happened I was always a naturally great sleeper. I could sleep anytime and I loved my sleep. This all started years ago when my first child was born. I went on Paxil and it worked great except for bad side effects. I have since gone off Paxil and had quite a few "sleep anxiety-free years" (always had GAD though). But this has started to rear its ugly head again, off and on for the past couple years. I have started Trintellix and have worked up to 10mg. I have also taken .5mg Klonopin for years. When I started the Trintellix my pdoc bumped me up to 1mg Klonopin but it's not working (!) and this COMPLETELY freaks me out. I have basically been going to sleep at 11:00, waking up at 3:00, and MIGHT get an additional fitful hour in there by about 5 or 6. I have started CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I'm doing it on my own for now, using a workbook called The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. I understand basically that I need to change my thinking about this problem if I am to make any progress. But this is extremely hard for me to imagine doing. What I am asking for is for feedback from people who have gotten only 4 or so hours of sleep a night for a period of time AND IT HASN'T RUINED THEIR LIFE. I need to be able to tell myself that this isn't the end of the world to only get 4 hours of sleep for a while (and this will be indefinitely until, hopefully, the CBT starts helping). I'm not working on an insomnia plan because I don't have sleep problems per se; I have major, unbearable ANXIETY problems that make it impossible to sleep. You might be wondering why I started the Trintellix: it is for the sleep anxiety but also for pretty intense GAD. However, I am really, really hopeful that I can manage this with CBT after some time. I may need to stay on the Trintellix, but the sleep anxiety is so horrible (it continues all the next day) that I feel I need to at least try something besides meds. I thank you immensely for your reassurances
  9. I'd love some feedback from anyone here that has given fair trials to new antidepressants (like Vibryd, Brintellex, Trintellex, or any others you know?) Considering moving on from the SSRI's/SNRI's due to sexual side effects, weight gain and apathy. I had good results with Celexa (not too activating, no restlessness or weight gain - but still felt super anhedonic with sexual dysfunction.) This class of drugs is such a mixed bag.... Also, not super excited about trying an older MAO or Tricyclic-type drug that could have even more side effects (more drowsiness, weight gain, metabolic issues + dietary restrictions) A/P's are out for me. I'd love to find something that works with Dopamine but does not cause weight gain, anxiety, or Akasthia (like Abilify - though I may get desperate to try it again) Unfortunately Wellbutrin has had no effect on me. Ritalin (with it's single/simple action on Dopamine) works really well, but I'd like to gather ideas on something else for everyday/longterm solution (if any). Any suggestions for an add-on??
  10. I was diagnosed with major depression/TRD/GAD/Depersonalization disorder and have yet to find a medication that works. I was prescribed Trintellix and have been on it for about 16 days so far at 10mg. I have been on many AD meds including SSRI/SNRI/MAOI/TCA's Anti psychotics etc etc. None which helped my mood or anxiety. Every time I started a SSRI it seemed it would give me dysphoric hypomania symptoms which I eventually had to stop. (New psych doctor thinks it’s truly major depression and not bipolar disorder mixed state, like they once believed) So far, my experience with this med has been interesting. I don't get the hypomanic feelings like the other meds, (SSRI's had me feeling that within a week) but do get the nausea/stomach issues which I hope will go away. The last few days I noticed that the pit of anxiety I feel in my chest, had lowered after a few hours of taking the medication in the morning. Other things I notice is that head feels a little less foggy and maybe even just the smallest amount of depression relief. As of a few hours ago, I could feel that anxiety/depressed feeling coming back. Has anyone else that started this medication tend to feel this as well? Does that mean that it's starting to work if it's doing all of this? Should my mood even out within the 6 – 8 weeks after being on this stuff? Other things I notice is that It makes me yawn a lot (when I first take it) and has a stimulant feeling to it. One thing that regular SSRI meds would do is give me the feeling of having wayyyy to much serotonin in my head. The dysphoric hypomania was many reasons why I would stop them. I don't fully understand it why I don't feel it with this new med but maybe cause of the 5-HT1A Agonist? I came to that conclusion from this article I read: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00189/full It just seems strange I would have such bad reactions to all the other medications, but not this one. I can relate so much from that article. Especially the part about ‘Antidepressant-Induced Mania’. I hope this med will be the one that finally works for me. I just find it hard to know what to expect and feeling like it only tends to make me feel better after taking it. (Didn’t start feeling anything positive until about 16 days of being on the med).
  11. So, I'm figuring out that based on my research of this medicine.. There aren't enough people who really took the time to break down a day by day timeline of how this med has helped or hurt. Seeing as this is my 3rd day on it I figure why not be that guy. Brief history of how I got here. I am 31 years old and have been struggling with anxiety, gad, panic attacks for the last 10 years or so. When this first started happening I never knew what It was and would always be able to make it go away on my own by blocking it out. Eventually it got more frequent and I was concerned about my health so I went for a check up.. And low and behold here comes the diagnosis ?. Since then here are a list of the medications I have been on (in no particular order) buspar, celexa, lexapro, Paxil,Zoloft, Wellbutrin, adderall and Ritalin (yep someone even thought I was add) Xanax for pretty much the duration and recently added Xanax xr to the mix (highly recommend) I'll get to that later. Anyhow after multiple attempts with different ssri's zoloft being the most recent which was great if you like sleeping all the time and never looking at your wife :/ my doctor decided to try me on trintellix. I am on my 3rd day and here are my results thus far: day 1) took at 9am with a Xanax xr. (I'm always nervous to try a new med so the Xanax was to keep my anxiety back) my mood seemed much lighter than usual and had a boost of energy (not hyper or jittery like caffeine- which I haven't drank for 8 years or more) but just a really refreshed feeling. I had no nausea which is a common side effect just a bit of unrest in my stomach. day2) took at same time no Xanax taken with it, again had a feeling of energy boost and optimistic outlook on the day. I had planned to do things after work and get things done. All of which I was able to accomplish with little effort to motivate myself. Note: I also drank 6 beers while doing said projects and had no ill effects from that but again everyone is different. Also no nausea today either. Slept like a rock and woke up 30 min earlier than usual and got my day started (my wife was surprised as I was) day 3) took same time this morning with no Xanax. Have been on top of things at work and on my lunch I ran errands and got more done. I am honestly starting to feel like the me that I always was and needed to rediscover. No nausea and I have taken on empty stomach all three days. By lunch time there is a little rumble telling me to eat lol. I will ill update as I go along, I am on 5mg right now and will be increasing that next week to 10. Hopefully that will be enough to level me out for good. Anyone thinking about trying it you must remember that everyone is different and we're all searching for a common goal. Good luck and best wishes. Last.. I have tried different benzos for severe and pop up panic attacks. The only one that works for me is Xanax. I take usually .5 mg and within an hour I'm good to go. Interestingly enough my dr hadn't had too much experience with the extended release and was willing to give it a go with me. Hands down the best benzo out there. Do not expect it to work immediately the onset is about 2 hours for me.. And very mild. It doesn't give you the "boom and bust" feeling of the instant release. And you don't fall asleep in 8 hours when it's fizzling out, in fact I've found that it keeps me calm much longer than 8 hours. Just thought I would throw that in there for anyone reading that might be in similar shoes. God old bless and please let me know if there are any questions I can help with!!!
  12. Hello. I'm new here, here's my story. .. I started Cymbalta 10 years ago after suffering a failed IVF that left me emotionally and financially drained. I was on 30mg for the first few years and the last 3 years on 60mg. The dosage was increased from 30mg to 60mg when I complained of anxiety and crying spells at work. Now that I am in menopause, I have been severely depressed, moody, anxious, lethargic, suffer insomnia and panicky feelings, and feelings of worthlessness. I haven't seriously thought of harming myself because I would never do that to my husband but if not for him, I might. My GP feels the Cymbalta was no longer working and switched me to Trintellix 10mg three weeks ago. He did not have me taper, said just to stop Cymbalta on a Thursday and start Trintellix on Sunday. The first few days on Trintellix was great, no SE's and had energy and a positive outlook on life. I also had a great increase in appetite and gained 3 lbs the first week! Everything smelled and tasted so great. I had some itchiness for about day 4-7. Zyrtec helped that. Morning diarrhea set in after about 7 days on Trintellix. I would wake up at 4am and "go" constantly for about three hours for the next 4 days. Misery. I decided to split the pill and took 5mg before bed and the other half with breakfast. Did not help..diarrhea just lasted longer in the day. Sleep has been better on Trintellix. I also take Ambien 10mg but was taking a long time (an hour or more) to fall asleep and also woke up 2-3 times a night for the last 6 months on Cymbalta. I've also had a daily headache and sore feelings in my eyes. Last week I asked my GP if these side effects were from Cymbalta withdrawal or the Trintellix. He said Trintellix. I have nausea pretty much all day so I sip ginger ale and eat crackers. I take my doses with peanut butter crackers. That has helped the sharp stomach pain. Phenagren has helped me not vomit. The diarrhea has slowed to just 2-3 times a day. I want to continue to give this med a shot as its helping my anxiety, mood swings, and energy so much! I had stage 3 breast cancer last year and spent nine months in treatment with chemo, mastectomy, and radiation. I started hormone therapy eight months ago. The chemo put me in early menopause and I take Tamoxifen to keep me there as my cancer was hormone positive. Menopause has made me miserable but a necessary evil to keep cancer at bay I guess. After starting Trintellix, I haven't had as many hot flashes, my energy has increased, my memory has improved, and I feel sharper at work. I felt I was going to have "chemo brain" forever! So I'm hoping the side effects go away soon. My major complaints now are headaches and nausea. Oh and I sleep like a rock all night and wake refreshed and ready to face the day! Anyone know how long for the side effects to go away? I want to give it at least 6-8 weeks but not sure I can continue with the headaches, nausea, and diarrhea after that. May have to try something else... Thanks for listening.
  13. I work in a doctor's office and the drug rep informed me that Brintellix is being renamed Trintellix due to name confusion with another drug. This probably will happen in June. Just a heads up.
  14. i've been on the 20 mg dose for a little over a month now. not really seeing any signs of improvement at all. i know YMMV but i'm curious to see how long it took to make a difference barring any side effects and whatnot for other people.
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