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Found 5 results

  1. Three days ago I felt like there was mold growing in my brain and it was controlling my thoughts. I am now in a time of feeling a little less crazy, but I know in 30 minutes that might change again. Yesterday, I was waiting for someone to drive me home from church and I started believing the whole church was a cult and all religion is a mind control cult, which some people believe this but its not normal for me. I grew up in church. It made me feel very afraid. Then I started believing that demons were in my brain because of the mold in my brain. I tried to call my old pastor about this and he just reassured me that this is a mental health issue but I cant trust him. I cant trust anybody right now. The only person I trust is my therapist I am seeing tomorrow. I feel like something catachlysmic is coming. The last week every morning I check the news on my phone to see if a nuke hit. I feel like I'm one of the only people going to heaven and I am having a hard time trusting anyone else. I have also been having weird dreams, nightmares. I have lost touch with my normal self. I take geodon and feel less paranoid but that wears off after a few hours. Ativan helps too, but not that much.
  2. Hi there, I'm new to this, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place, rambles, etc. I have a new dx from my counselor, one that no one has ever mentioned to me, C-PTSD. I am waiting for a pdoc and have an appointment that was scheduled 3 months out...so, I'm pretty much treading water here. C-PTSD makes sense, I've had all forms of trauma that I know of. Believe it or not, I just realized a couple weeks ago that an 11 year old, cannot consent to sex (so add sex abuse to my list of childhood traumas). But, I believed it was my anxiety & depression that held me down. I have done a lot of counseling like 3 x a week for years, a lot of learning (I earned a BS in Human Development 5 years ago), and lots of group therapy. I thought I had moved past my hurt, even the freshest & most paralyzing of my trauma, the severe physical, emotional and psychological abuse from my ex-husband. I escaped this 1/1/2008, a day I will never forget. I thought that I had put in the work to recover and I was "fine". I remarried 8/7/2011. I noticed that I had some trust issues slide in. My husband is very structured, type A, black & white, and likes things how he likes them. I am easy going, sporadic, and free spirited. I talked myself out of thinking he was an "abusive, controlling" husband. Then, the trigger. My husband wrote a letter that sounded very controlling, manipulative and emotionally abusive. I snapped. This was about 6 weeks ago. I haven't been on meds for 10 years (not that I've been 100% fine without them), but I became very scared that I was being controlled. Asked for a divorce, called crisis line, got on meds and a waiting list for a pdoc. I was suicidal & out of control in my head. Husband was very "sorry" and things have been better than they have in many years. Like, over the top, nice, considerate and here spend $4k on your garden if you want...Ya, that nice. A couple nights ago, I felt controlled my husband was being unkind, and I freaked out, again wanting a divorce. He called me crazy, which is a big no-no. This makes me want to show <insert whoever> what crazy is. But this time, I also told off my church that I felt was being unkind (and I'd been stuffing it) in a 2 page letter, the head of the company I work for (wouldn't buy or allow me to buy an ergo desk per dr. orders), and my husband...I also recklessly have been driving my sports car through town in a lot of road rage (I am normally super considerate/kind/let people over/drive 25 in the residential hood). Now I feel like I don't want anyone close to me, I don't care if I am jeopardizing my job, I just want to be safe, protected and not vulnerable. I don't want anyone in my bubble. I want to sit in a dark closet and rock. I have 2 friends, neither are local, I cut out everyone who hurts me or I think is judging me, I rarely speak to my family & my mom is dead. I am super sensitive & I believe intuitive, though my husband says I read too much into things. I feel relieved and invigorated and at the same time wonder if I'm being reckless? Maybe a bit manic from my meds? When the shit hit the fan yesterday, I had already taken a Klonipin...so, not sure where my new voice came from. Okay, so this is officially a ramble. But my overarching question is: Can you ever really trust someone? How do you let your guard down? Should you even let your guard down? If I do trust him, how can I help him to understand how to deal with my issues? He thinks I should just trust him. Thanks for any advice or experiences you are willing to share.
  3. There are things regarding my Mental Health that I need to inform my Pdoc and Tdoc. It does effect my treatment; medications and therapy. However it does not involve self harm or anything of that nature (more on the lines of symptoms they don't know about). I have a fear of 'unwarranted' diagnosis, stemming from past situations that causes major trust issues in telling things to my current team. Basically it is getting harder hiding things from them, and I need to share some symptoms before I go into any kind of crisis (we well as preventing crisis, and just getting correct treatment). To be able to tell them though, I need to feel safe - and I was hoping someone could answer some questions to help me with that.... My Pdoc and Tdoc are on the same care team, can they share information without my permission? My Pdoc visits are only every other month in 15 minute appointments, and I would prefer to get my thoughts and feelings in order with my Tdoc first like she usually helps me with (considering I see her every week - and do this possibly for a month or so) before I discuss it with my Pdoc.I signed papers for both my Pdoc and Tdoc saying if need be, they could 'share my information with my insurance company'...how far does this go and what exactly does this mean?? Like I said, I have a fear of "unwarranted diagnosis" - meaning I have a fear if I talk to my Tdoc about how I go through episodes where I isolate myself and don't take showers for weeks and think people are watching me through my windows, that she is going to diagnose me with 'Psychosis' and send it my my insurance company, which will get back to my GP, which will get to everyone else who is connected to that electronic system (like it did when I was a teenager - I fucking hate the electronic system they use). I'm afraid everything I say will attach a new label to me, and that will be sent to the Insurance company. Is that how it works?It's a mix of anxiety and mistrust - as well as being uneducated of how the system works; which doesn't go well with the current depression I'm in. If anyone knows how it works in the US I would be appreciative.
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    Samwise Jan.6,2015

    From the album: Samwise

    Samwise on January 6, 2015.
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    From the album: Samwise

    This is my current dog, Samwise. He is a Chow Chow mix and I adopted him from a shelter when he was 6 months old. He is now 11. He knows when I am sinking and will come to my aid. I love him. We are best friends.
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