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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone find Zoloft more motivating than Effexor? Any weight gain? (it made me insomniac with psychosis 20 years ago). But meds often act differently over time. I've already done trials (some multiple times) of: Prozac (lethargic), Celexa (fatigue/apathy), Lexapro (similar to prozac), Cymbalta (vigilance/restlessness legs, but dissociative mind/feeling), Wellbutrin (no effect), Trintillex (no effect), Remeron (sedating/+appetite), Notryptaline (don't recall), Abilify (++appetite, RLS), ..Doc won't RX MAOIs and says that TCAs typically more sedating effects. Basically, I don't want to take more than 3 meds (keeping with Lamictal & Ritalin). I want to avoid A/Ps...I like the calming feeling of Prozac & Effexor, but it's as if I am in this fuzzy cloud and I can't move or do anything, comfortably numb. Totally apathetic, in addition to sexual dysfunction, maybe my dosage is wrong. I'm also considering Viibryd, but don't know if it works on Serotonin...?
  2. I already had IBS prior to this med...but needed to try it, as nothing else was working. My fears came true, stomach got even worse, and I mean bad! I bought peppermint pills last week when I read “IBSgaurd” was supposed to be really helpful. I couldn’t afford name brand, so bought what I thought was the same ingredient, but generic. Unless IBSgaurd was going to do this as well, as an adverse reaction which I’m quite used to...or this generic isn’t the same thing. It has tripled my issues. All of them. Causes extreme heartburn, intractable diarrhea, massive spasming...the only thing is, is it is the only thing to date that makes me feel full all day long! This is huge, cause my weight gain is extremely troubling due to recent recovery from my ED. So, in order to safely go to sleep last night, I ended up having to take I believe 12 lomotil! And nexium never did end up helping which never happens...yes, I realize you’re not supposed to take more than a couple of lomotil at a time, but I’m out of Imodium, waiting on more from Amazon. And Bentyl, seems to cause me pretty bad irritability! Not common, but is possible in known side effects. I’m so sensitive to psych side effects of medications! The xifaxan did me in after 3 days as well! Fell into a deep depression after the 3rd day and gp refused to accept the possibility that the drug caused it! Even though in the physician paperwork under psych side effects depression, insomnia, anxiety ar all listed side effects! This ended up in us firing each other. Sad, cause I really liked her prior to that, but she has shown bias with mental illness in the past which was upsetting. So I’m asking, begging, for ideas, personal meds you use that work, things you’ve heard of, any ideas whatsoever that could help me with my stomach problems! I do plan on ditching the peppermint pills today, even though I’m dreading my appetite going through the roof again...Viibryd isn’t supposed to do that, but I have a high propensity to experience paradoxical reactions! Sadly, the xifaxan was working like a miracle...but the depression scared the absolute shit out of me! Viibryd has gotten me better than I have been in over 20 years, at least! Was scared that was gone for good. I asked her for a new/different antibiotic that could do similar and she refused saying that others were even more dangerous. GRRRR Quitting Viibryd isn’t really an option, as I’ve never had an AD work so well! Edit: strangely, I did a search here on CB for bentyl, and nothing came up! I know I’ve seen a couple of people talk about it in the past! Help?
  3. It was helping some until today. My appetite was out of control today! Maybe it’s hormones as I (no uterus but...) am having achy breasts and headaches so just maybe it’s that. Maybe today was a one off. I’m a recovered ED mess. Used to be solely restricting though. Now I’m scared to death. I mean really scared I am not depressed right now, which is a miracle. So ditching Viibryd doesn’t feel like an option. I’ve no idea what to do. My new insurance as of October covers a gym membership, but my anxiety in that situation! I don’t even know why I’m posting this...there’s no solution and my situation is hopeless.
  4. Hi all. Would like opinions please. I've been on Viibryd for a little over 6 weeks. Went up to 40mgs, then back to 30mg now 20mgs (pdoc thought it might have been too stimulating for me at higher doses). I'm starting to feel stable throughout the day most days, but almost always have breakthrough anxiety multiple times a day, in which the .50mg of Lorazepam isn't working to control. Although my depressed mood/sadness has seemed to lifted a bit, the suicidal thoughts are hanging on for dear life. This promoted my pdoc to add Lithium 900mg a little over 2 weeks ago. I also take 200mg Seroquel and 600 nuerontin at bed to help with insomnia. Anyway, I really don't think the current cocktail of the Viibryd 20mg and Lithium 900mg is working for me. I would think that I should be a lot less anxious than I am and not be having suicidal thoughts at this spot in my "recovery". I guess I should mention that I just started intensive therapy (3 times a week). I know that therapy often makes things worse before they get better, but I'm pretty uncomfortable. Over the years, I have been on Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro and Effexor with not much luck. I would really like to ask my pdoc to be put on a TCA. I've never tried that class of anti-depressant so I'm hoping maybe I'll respond better to a TCA than the abysmal results I've had with SSRI, SNRI and now SMS. Or, is it even worth asking for a change now that I'm in therapy? I would really appreciate opinions and recommendations. Thank you so much!
  5. Hello there, So I'm going to see my psychiatrist on Thursday to get screened for Bipolar disorder. My hypomania isn't that bad in my opinion (especially when compared to the depths of my depression), but my psychiatrist may still want to put me on a mood stabilizer all the same. I'm scared that she may also try to take me off of Viibryd while she's at it and I'm just unsure of what to expect. I've taken 5mg of Viibryd daily since the Summer of last year (I think), to help give me energy during my depressive states and my questions are: 1) Does anyone else know what it's like to come down from or quit 5mg of viibryd? (Feel free to respond if you took 10mg as well!) 2) What were some withdrawal symptoms you experienced? 3) What helped with the withdrawal? 4) I'm not going to have a seizure if I stop taking Viibryd, right? Sorry, there's a history of epilepsy in my family and that's just a huge phobia.
  6. Hello, I recently switched to Viibryd about 3 weeks ago. I had been on 20mg of lexapro and 300mg of Wellbutrin XL. I’m currently keeping my Wellbutrin the same and tapered up to 40mg of Viibryd using the starter pack while stepping down my Lexapro dose with each Viibryd mg increase. So now I’ve been on 40mg Viibryd for a week and off Lexapro for a week. Historywise, I think I’ve taken just about every SSRI at some point since high school and I’m now 30. I was able to semi-successfully come off all psych meds for a few months before a planned pregnancy (had been on Wellbutrin only just before that time) and then throughout my pregnancy (my son is 3), but then had lots of trouble postpartum and was put on Lexapro at 9 days PP. The Lexapro had been working well until last summer. At that point I tried Pristiq (I was raging angry all the time), Brintellix (very depressed, no effect), then went back to Lexapro, then added Wellbutrin. Throughout all this I gained about 40lbs during pregnancy, lost 20 of it in the few months postpartum, and am now above my full-term pregnancy weight (about 25lbs above a normal BMI). I have had a lot of situation stress & anxiety (high stress job, toddler, we recently moved, etc.) and so we waited to make any med changes, but then when I still wasn’t feeling better at my last appt, my doctor suggested Viibryd. I’d have to say that overall I feel good! Getting more done, still wanting to sleep a lot but better able to function without long naps. I think my mood has improved, but not yet seeing any reduction in appetite or weight loss. Mild GI side effects but tolerable. My biggest side effect is that I feel zoned at times, very dizzy and have to struggle to keep my eyes open. I have a long commute to work and I struggle to stay awake and stay focused (literally eye focused, not just mental clarity). I took a nap the other day when my toddler was napping and the side effects hit, and I felt dizzy even with my eyes closed and felt like I had fallen sharply (this was a few days into the 40mg dose). I’ve been taking it in the evening since my previous routine had been Wellbutrin in the AM and Lexapro in the PM. My psych doc said it likely wouldn’t matter when I took the Viibryd. For those who have been on it longer, have you found AM or PM to make a difference? I sleep like a rock at night but only get 6 sometimes 7 hours of sleep, more of a problem of being a busy working mom and having enough hours in the day than trouble falling/staying asleep. My nighttime sleep amount/pattern hasn’t changed since switching meds and I’m definitely groggy/foggy more, but I can’t tell if the Viibryd makes me sleepy and the effect carries over from my evening dose into the next day, or if it would be stimulating and I just don’t have as much in my system come the next afternoon? Can anyone shed some light on a suggestion of AM vs PM for someone having the dizzy, sleepy, foggy side effects? For those taking this for longer periods, did you experience side effects and then have them taper off after a while of being on the full 40mg dose? I had hoped to see some improvement but it’s now been a full week at 40mg with no change in side effects. Lastly, is anyone else also taking Wellbutrin? Has this been a good combo for you? Did you keep your Wellbutrin dose the same or cut it? I’ve been considering dropping to 150ml since I also have GAD and know that Wellbutrin can worsen that for some, but don’t think I could function without the full 300 since I can’t kick the drowsy side effect. Omg, this is long! Just wanted to get it all out I guess! Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, and thank you to anyone who has anything to contribute to this thread
  7. Hello, I just increased my Viibryd dosage from 20 to 40 mg. My anxiety has increased and I'm having panic attacks; the latter hasn't happened in a while. My PRN Diazepam is not helping (I just feel sleepy/spacey & panicked). I'm excessively jumpy & overall freaked out. I just checked my HR & BP and they're normal, although it seems like my heart is beating a zillion bpm. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not seeing much on the web about this- mainly info about disturbed sleep & nausea. I'm hoping this will dissipate and am calling my pdoc tomorrow. Thinking the increases may be too rapid b/c of my other diagnoses (see below). thanky.
  8. I've been taking Viibryd now for many months and was just prescribed Abilify as an add on. My heart is racing, my hands are shaking, I feel light headed and jittery and generally like anxiety is taking over me. Is this normal? Does it eventually subside? Thanks for the input -Mary
  9. Hi! I am new to this site but not new to depression and anxiety. Been living with this for 20 years and am now 43. Was on Prozac for a very long time. Did great for 10 years then it quit. Tried Lexapro, made me crazi(er), went back to Prozac out of fear of trying another drug. Xanax throughout. After a bad couple of years I ended up in the hospital and am now on Viibryd. Never heard of it til then. Six months later and strange side effects I think I am doing better. Searching the internet for other Viibrd users. There's a lot of scary stuff out there on it. Hoping to find some possitives. My experiences on it are nothing short of bizarre but after learning to take it correctly I have high hopes!
  10. quick intro- 18 years old & have been in and out of therapy since the age of about 12. I don't remember ever being happy as a kid, but that's when depression started interrupting my ability to function daily. Since then, I've had 4 therapists, 3 psychiatrists, and tried prozac (6 months), lexapro (1.5 years) , wellbutrin (with the lexapro), & viibryd (6 weeks). The former two made me feel lethargic and groggy, while the latter two had no effect on my mood, though viibryd made me extremely nauseous. Also since then, I've moved schools three times and moved between living with each of my (divorced) parents twice. (they divorced shortly after i was born, and both remarried quickly. I went from an only child to having two older step-siblings and three younger half-siblings pretty abruptly. I have good relationships with everyone except my stepmom, who is vile, and my dad, whom i love very much but is as crazy as me.) I've been diagnosed with major depression, panic disorder, and social anxiety for years, but i was diagnosed with borderline only about a month ago. It fits, it explains some things, but it's still left me very confused about who I thought I was. Right now, I'm between therapists and meds. After six years, I'm starting to get really sick of going through this whole process over and over and not seeing any results. I've been cooperative in trying to get better- read the books, done the exercises, taken the pills, even willingly tried an outpatient program at a psychiatric ward. I'm exhausted. Would rather not do any of it anymore (not an option right now). My current psychiatrist is recommending that I next try effexor, pristiq, or abilify. thoughts? as far as my personality & interests, i'm a bit cynical, vegetarian (3 years), secular humanist, anti-privelage, cinephile, want to go to art school & become an illustrator. thank you.
  11. I only took one dose today and feel exhausted and just not very focused. I read the sheet and the common side effects are terrible. Not to mention this one causes withdrawal I was put on a new antidepressant bc I've been on so many before and can't recall anything helping long-term. My diagnosis is bipolar but honestly I think I am more borderline. I know a mood stabilize would be ideal for either or but the depression just isn't going away. So my question is what has your experience been on this med? I forgot to add that I do drink alcohol sometimes
  12. I'm looking for some advice. I've had a lot of experience with different antidepressants, and almost no success. I'm getting pretty tired of the whole trial-and-error process, and I'm not terribly confident in my doc's ability to prescribe the right thing, especially considering some special circumstances. Here's my history. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and dysthymia. I've had both as long as I can remember. My first experience with taking antidepressants was Paxil when I was 16. This actually seemed to work well, cleared the anxiety and depression right up. I eventually tapered off the Paxil without any major withdrawal symptoms, but due to a significant life change my anxiety and depression came back. I tried using Paxil again, but I did not get any better (due to tachyphylaxis, I suppose). After that, I tried Celexa which made me feel irritable, like my muscles wouldn't stop tensing up, and like there was a gorilla sitting on my chest. After that I took Effexor, which all I can remember was the horrible withdrawal symptoms I had when I discontinued it. I was then put on Cymbalta, on which I felt very similar side effects to Celexa. Cymbalta had a hell of an awful withdrawal phase. I was also prescribed Buspirone and Wellbutrin with the Cymbalta, but neither had any effect. I later took Desipramine, which I do not remember feeling any better or worse under, and then a year later tried Lamictal, under which I again felt unbearable muscle tension, like a gorilla was on my chest, irritation etc. There's one more added wrinkle. I have reason to believe that I'm still experiencing post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, as I am unable to feel any sensation in my genitals. This has been the case off and on since I started taking Paxil in my teens. I've been trying to find a cure for this ever since. As you might suspect, I have a lot of reason to feel skeptical about taking any medication, but I worry that unless I try something I'll never get my anxiety and depression licked. My doctor has suggested Viibryd, but since it is an SSRI I am worried it will contribute to my sexual problems (I have heard it is without sexual side effects, but I've heard that before). It seems to me that the remaining option is to take an MAOI, but I am hesitant because a) I don't want to waste a lot of money on another something that might not work, and b) I am still worried that another antidepressant will make my sexual dysfunction worse. So, since my doc is willing to discuss options with me, I'm wondering if anyone here has any suggestions, i.e. if any of the stuff I've described throws up any red flags for something that might work, or if I should try the Viibryd, ask for an MAOI, or even push for ECT. I'm really considering any option at this moment. Even starting exercise.
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