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Found 13 results

  1. TL;DR: Can Vraylar cause a "frog in the throat" symptom, so that I sound like I'm whispering and hoarse? I'm bipolar, medicated for 15 years now. Up until 3-4 weeks ago, I was on 1200mg Lithium, 200mg Lamictal, and 1.5mg Vraylar. The first two are years old, the 1.5mg Vraylar was added several months ago. It messed with my sleep but that faded after 1-2 months. 3-4 weeks ago, my PDoc raised my Vraylar to 3mg, then several days later to 4.5mg, then several days later to 6mg. The goal was to address bipolar depression that hit me suddenly. However, the side effect of restlessness was too much - I couldn't stay in my chair long enough to get any work done. So we reversed the Vraylar, dropping 6mg -> 4.5mg -> 3mg -> 1.5mg over a couple weeks. (And then added 100mg Wellbutrin). One side effect that came in along with the restlessness was vocal problems. It felt like I had a frog in my throat, and I would revert to a whispery voice. My voice sounds hoarse, the way it does when you overuse it and have to speak softly for a while. And every time I think it's getting better I talk with someone and find it's not. I think there's been improvement but not uniformly. It's not listed as a side effect in the Vraylar PI sheet. Has anyone experienced or heard of this sort of symptom, with Vraylar or any other med?
  2. Hey everyone. Since my pdoc increased my Vraylar to 4.5 mg, I've been feeling a lot stabler, but I still believe I am rapid cycling, experiencing depression on a regular basis that lasts about 2-3 weeks at a time with either euthymia or mixed episodes/hypomania in between for anywhere from 4 to 7 days at a time. My pdoc said I was rapid cycling when she increased my Vraylar from 3 mg to 4.5 mg, which is why she did that. She said the increased dose would not only help the cycling but also help my depression too. Has anyone had experience with maxing out Vraylar to 6 mg? Any mood benefits to speak of (more than that when on 4.5 mg)—mainly with depression? Did you experience any EPS like akathisia or anything? Weight gain? In case you can't see my signature, my cocktail is as follows: dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) 10 mg 2 PO tid (60 mg) pindolol (Visken) 5 mg 1 PO q AM protriptyline (Vivactil) 10 mg 1 PO tid (30 mg) Viibryd (vilazodone) 40 mg 1 PO q AM Vraylar (cariprazine) 4.5 mg 1 PO q AM oxcarbazepine (Trileptal) 600 mg 1 PO bid (1,200 mg) alprazolam (Xanax) 1 mg 1 PO tid prn quetiapine (Seroquel) 100 mg 1 PO qhs prn trazodone (Desyrel) 100 mg 1-2 PO qhs prn (100-200 mg) L-methylfolate 15 mg 1 PO q AM vitamin D3 50,000 IU 1 PO q wk Are there any other med changes/increases/additions that might help? I would rather not take Lamictal because it causes severe truncal and facial acne and it doesn't really help that much, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying it again. I ran out of protriptyline so I haven't been taking it (might be responsible for my recent onset of depression), but I hope my pdoc will continue to prescribe it because I think it might be helping (although I still am cycling while on it). Thanks for reading!
  3. It's a thing! Allergan submitted data from 3 trials. Two demonstrated that 1.5mg was superior to placebo in treating bipolar depression, and the other study demonstrated that both 1.5mg and 3mg were capable doses. Therefore, the acute manic/mixed indication and dosing will remain the same with an initial dose of 1.5mg and recommended dose range of 3-6mg. Whereas bipolar depression will be a starting dose of 1.5mg with a recommended range of 1.5-3mg. This is a big step because now cariprazine joins both quetiapine and lurasidone as being the only 3 medications approved to treat bipolar depression specifically. Lamotrigine is often used but it's only approved to delay the time between episodes (manic/mixed or depressed).
  4. Hello, So, I've been dealing with this for a while and didn't realize it was a problem up until recently. I'm seeing the patterns more over the course of actually, a few years. So, the problem that I'm currently having is with morning depression up until after noon. I have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and GAD, but for some reason depression is my most prominent symptom. Maybe for the first hour or so of waking up, I feel pretty good and ready to start the day. However, after I eat and take my meds, I just fall into this cranky, irritable mood and then I'm just depressed the rest of the morning. I see my doctor on Monday, so I'm definitely going to say something. But I also want to hear from you guys on how to deal with it, since we are the ones suffering with mental illness. Advice can really help these days. Thanks! Oh PS. My doctor just started me on Vraylar last week. So far so good. Coming to think of it though, it actually could be the simple fact that I'm still getting used to this new dose (I was on 1.5 mg and now I'm on my 2nd day of 3mg). However, morning depression has always been a problem for me. Maybe I just need to wait it out and see... Again, I will speak to my doctor about it too.
  5. Hi again. Quick question for those of you who have tried Vraylar... I've been on it @ 1.5 mg for a few days and it's making me sleepy to the point that I have to take a nap in my car on my lunch hour. Has anyone experienced sleepiness as a side effect but had it go away after a while?
  6. Hi. I just started Vraylar today, we're trying it in place of Latuda, which doesn't seem to be doing anything for my BPII depression. Has anyone had any experience with Vraylar and depression? Looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences. Thanks.
  7. I have been a long time user of depakote, over 15 years and while it has done a fantastic job of helping to stabilize my moods, with the addition of geodon, I am unhappy with the major hair loss it has caused. My pdoc has recommended either lithium or vraylar as a substitute. Has anyone switched to either of these two meds from depakote? What are your experiences? Side effects? I am anxious to stop the hair loss but am afraid to give up the stability I have. Another concern is weight gain. I have recently lost 75 pounds of seroquel weight and am in no hurry to gain it back. I have bipolar disorder with psychotic episodes that is currently well controlled. Any suggestions?
  8. Hello crazyboards, Anyone else on Vraylar? What are your thoughts and experiences? I am currently on Vraylar. This is my second time taking it. Two years ago, I was on it for three months. In three months time, it caused me to gain 30 lbs. I was never able to lose the weight because I switched right back to Abilify which gives me increased appetite and urges to binge eat. I have tried almost every medication available and my psychiatrist says that I am out of options. All of the medications have intolerable side effects. Aside from the weight gain, Vraylar is the best medication I have tried. I decided to give Vraylar another try while working the weight watchers program (which I have had nothing but success with in the past.) I have been on weight watchers for the past three weeks. I have only been on Vraylar for one week and I have already gained 1.8 lbs, WHILE working the weight watchers program. My psychiatrist told me that diet alone will not help, and that I have to engage in regular intensive exercise. I am willing to give it a try. However, I don't know that the type of diet I will have to eat is realistic or maintainable. I literally can't eat anything good ever again. I have to stick to Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Brown Rice, Fruit, and that's it. No sauces, no extras. I would be afraid to see what would happen if I even ate a sweet potato. That could mean another pants size by tomorrow! There are other side effects of Vraylar as well. I am clenching my teeth really hard, and I have to urinate constantly. There is also a significant risk for diabetes on Vraylar which scares me. I am also concerned about all of the weight that I have to lose, which I have been trying to lose for years. If Vraylar causes such bad weight gain, who's to say that I will even be capable of LOSING weight while on the drug? I am very interested in anything that you have to share about Vraylar, good or bad, so let me know down below. Also, I am open to recommendations for other medications which don't have all of these crazy side effects!
  9. Sorry I read through a lot of posts in the middle of last night, but am too restless to read through them again. BUT! I did see some posts related to my concern regarding restlessness as a side effect for Vraylar. I have been taking Vraylar , 1.5fl - 1 wk and 3 fl- 5 days, and am extremely restless. Would someone please let me know whether this will go away on its own, or is it permanent? I just got off lithium which I took for many, many years...
  10. I just started Vraylar and have been taking it for 1.5 weeks. It had dramatically helped my symptoms. I am out of my depression? No more sucidal thoughts, etc. However, I am extremely drowsy! I take it at night and even the next day all I want to do is sleep. I am a very busy person and it is taking a toll on me. Is this a short term side effect from getting used to it or something that will not go away? Not sure I want to keep taking it if this is not going to go away. Doctor is out of town right now.
  11. Hello, all. I'm new to this site. I've been working with a pdoc for the past 3 to 4 years and, more recently, a therapist, due to what I personally classify as treatment resistant MDD. I'm in my mid-forties. Throughout this time, my pdoc has tried multiple "cocktail" combinations of medications. Some combinations work for a while, but it's difficult to become excited when I'm in a good period because I know the bottom can, and likely will, drop out from under my feet again. I'm curious whether anyone has had any success with a similar pharmaceutical lineup like mine. I'm also hoping someone might have tips on outrunning the black dog for longer than a few months at a time. I trust my pdoc, but I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there are not many pdocs from which to choose. Some things to know: I have sleep apnea. For most of my adult life, I've fought drowsiness during the day no matter how much sleep I get. I've had multiple CPAP titrations, but they never seem to do much for the daytime sleepiness. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with ADD. Current medicinal lineup: Adderall (15 mg x 2 per day) Lamictal (75 mg x 2 per day) Xanax (0.5 mg x 3 per day) Buspar (15 mg x 4 per day) Trintellix (20 mg x 1 per day) Made me nauseated when I took it during the day, so my pdoc had me start taking it at bedtime, which made all the difference. Starting today, replacing Latuda with Vraylar (1.5 mg x 1 per day) Previously tried the following: Paxil (40 mg x 1 per day) I started this for social anxiety nearly 20 years ago and was taken off of it around 6 months ago. Going off of this after so long was a terrible experience, but those effects have subsided. Prozac Wellbutrin (150 mg x 1 per day) Latuda (20 mg x 1 per day) Seroquel (25 mg x 1 per day) Slept like a baby on this, but it made the daytime drowsiness worse. Rexulti Experienced akathisia with this one. Abilify Also experienced akathisia on this. Viibryd Had stomach cramps I'm also using the following supplements: Omega-3 Vitamin D Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc capsule Ashwaganda/Rhodiola
  12. Hi everyone. I'm new here. Thought I'd introduce myself. I was diagnosed as bipolar 6 years ago. But I had a hard time with my diagnosis so I didn't stay medicated long. Went back on medication (vraylar) a couple of weeks ago. Developed terrible akathisia and finally got some benztropine for that today which has given me some relief. But the initial blow of that hasn't been encouraging. Hoping this forum will help me stay focused on why I have to be medicated.
  13. Hello, From everything I have read, it sounds like Risperdal may be "my new best friend" given that my recurring dysphoric mania makes me "want to smash everything in sight." But I am VERY concerned about the cardiac risks (family history), metabolic changes, and EPS. I am more comfortable with the RIGHT typicals than most atypicals. Pdoc prefers mid-potency typicals like perphenezine for a patient like me but I tried that and it was like taking a water pill. Had zero effect on me. He suggested Vraylar instead but I don't like taking brand new drugs. For example, my best success on ANY drug has been on a MAOI.
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