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  1. Hi Everyone! So I switched from Ritalin to Adderall about a year ago to control the symptoms of my obnoxious ADD, and it works really well to help me kind of, quiet my manic mind enough to feel motivated and capable to start and finish whatever I'm working on. Great med, The only problem is that I have lost a pretty intense amount of weight since I started taking it, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. Did anyone else have this problem with adderall for so long? Any suggestions? Thanks! Olive <3
  2. I'm currently on a cocktail of Seroquel XR at 600 mg and Lamictal at 150 mg. My Seroquel dose got this high because of a mixed episode, so as of now, thats likely where I'll stay for a while to keep things stable. I was at 400 mg which not only lacked the sedation of lower doses, but also came with a lessened appetite. But that all came back when I bumped up to 600 mg. I've put on 10-ish pounds or so in a month, and I'm not thrilled. I asked my doctor for a Metformin Rx to help with the metabolic side effects. She was hesitant, but agreed I may need something and actually leaned more towa
  3. Hello, it has been awhile! Well, my old psychiatrist retired and I am now stuck with a new one. A tele-med provider. Without really letting me know if they read my chart (they even made mistakes when asking what meds I was on now) they prescribed me topamax to take alongside my usual anxiety med due to (duh) increase in anxiety. They said the added benefit would be that I would be able to lose weight as well, since my previous meds made me...ahem, chunky. And I told them I have body issues. Here's the thing. I did a little research about the weight loss and all studies said that it w
  4. My fiance has been losing weight recently. He's down 20 lbs and is like 228 lbs now. I've gained weight, but it was also that time of the month. I kinda go after chubby dudes as is, and always worry if they weigh less than me I become unnattractive. His affection towards me hasn't really gone down, it's stayed the same really. I tell him my concerns of me gaining while he's losing, and he says he'll love me no matter what. And that he also doesn't want me skinnier, he just wants me to be happy. But, at the same time he thinks my best friend is too big, [she's considered a SSBBW i'm a BBW if an
  5. I just started lamictal yesterday at 50mg ER. I was hoping for appetite suppression which I have heard about on lamictal. But this morning I have a huge appetite. I just took another pill and appetite seems to have calmed down a bit though. Is there a dosage at which anyone has found when the appetite suppression kicked in? I have gained weight from Risperdal and having hard time losing weight.
  6. Hi I am new to the forum. I have been taking Zoloft and Ativan for just over 10 years now. I moved out of state and my new PCP agreed to take over my psych meds. He told me that if I was still needing the Ativan that the Zoloft was't working. This combo has helped my horrific panic disorder for 10 years and I have been afraid to try anything else. Unfortunately the Zoloft has made me gain 85+ pounds over the last 10 years. I really want the weight to come off and tried going on Viibryid. Viibryd didn't cause panic attacks but has made me extremely angry all the time. I decided to swich
  7. Hey guys So I started Latuda about 8 weeks ago at 20 mg, (just the starting dose but wasnt able to get into see my doc when I was supposed to) I am definitely feeling some effects, most of them good, but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced or heard of the same? -Weight loss. I've always been about 100 lbs, super "skinny", always get asked if I eat blah blah blah. If you're a naturally skinny girl with "a fast metabolism" you understand... Now I've NEVER been under 100 pounds (even when I never eat) but now I have been consistently eating A LOT more and my weight is dr
  8. Hi-- I got so frustrated with trying to lose weight while on Risperdal that I decided to try to make my own diet app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rfo.speakcc&hl=en So far I have been losing about 0.25lbs a week for the past 250 days (with some ups and downs: It still has some glitches but I really like it because it uses voice entry mostly which I think is the easiest way to track calories. There is also a $0.99 version that has keyboard entry I have a friend who is working on making an iOS version.
  9. I posted here a little but I felt like I was taking away from the original poster's questions/concerns so I thought I would start a new post with new concerns. My dr prescribed me 200mg of Lamictal on Oct 27th. I started at 100mg/day (1/2 of a 100mg pill, twice a day) for a week and moved to 200mg (100mg/twice a day, usually in the morning and before bed). Apparently this is a high dose to start with, but my doctor never said anything about that. Honestly, when I went to see her I told her my concerns about not having insurance, but I was also really concerned about continuing to go un-m
  10. I've been on metformin 1000mg(500mg twice daily) for more than a week now for weight gain caused by my antipsychotic(clozapine). My main complaint was waking up middle of the night just to eat. On metformin I've noticed fluctuating results - like my appetite is reduced on certain days and then its increased again on some days What should i do ? I know that metformin is working on some days but its not consistent. Should i increase my metformin dose or do something else ?
  11. 1. Lorcaserin 2. Topiramate 3. Metformin 4, Bupropion/Naltrexone 5. Ranitidine 6. Atomoxetine 7. zonisamide 8. Phentermine-Topiramate 9. Modafinil/Armodafinil 10. Stimulants(Adderall, ritalin, Vyvanse etc) 11. Any other ? Please mention
  12. Hi all, I'm at my wit's end due to weight gain from Seroquel (that I take as a bipolar mood stabilizer). I've been on it since 2006, and have gained 70 lbs, about 50 lbs above baseline. That puts me at 5'6" and 211 lbs. I don't eat like a pig, yet I keep getting bigger, unless I really restrict myself, and then my weight just stays stable until I let myself go again. Before the Seroquel, I had a baseline weight of about 165, even though I didn't eat perfectly. I feel ugly and horrible about this, especially worried that I'll get diabetes in the next few years (I'm 36). My doctor has suggested
  13. Anyone tried Contrave? Or naltrexone? My doctor suggested it for weight loss and I'm researching. I've been gaining weight in scary amounts since I quit smoking. The first time I quit smoking - 100 lbs. This time so far - 25 in a few months. Naltrexone's an antiaddiction med and my eating is very "addictive" (compulsive) plus related to my smoking addiction - so it sort of makes sense to me. Any comments welcome. I'm particularly nervous that if it affects the reward mechanisms in the brain, that that will affect my motivation. I'm really lazy and always trying to motivate myse
  14. seroquel caused me to put on 45lbs. i'm really unhappy with this. the dose is lowered, meds adjusted, and i'm eager to lose this but feeling powerless.
  15. I was able to discontinue Latuda a month ago thanks to TMS treatments. This was a huge relief because I had gained weight on it (and on Abilify previously, which also raised my cholesterol.) For any of you who gained weight on an antipsychotic and then went off it, were you able to lose the weight? I was hoping I would have at least lost a pound or two by now but no such luck. I really hope these drugs haven't permanently slowed my metabolism. I'm a total health nut and I still was one when I was on the medication (they didn't make me eat more.) Obviously it takes time to lose weight but I'm a
  16. The mirror is lying to me, it always has and I fear it always will. I've never liked myself, not since I was younger, and still don't. Even now the slightest comment that could offend that has to do with looks in any way irritates me. I had an eating disorder at 13 years old. I'm 18 and still struggle. I'm not sure if I should go into graphic detail or not, if this disgusts you skip this next paragraph. At school I noticed girls with skinny legs and arms (years back), I couldn't believe how fat I looked compared to them. My best friend at the time told me I wasn't. My mind, my eyes, and th
  17. Today I went to go see my GP for a check up, I brought up metformin because I need to lose weight, and it's not coming off, like at all! I'm 20 pounds away from my goal weight current medications are: Seroquel 50 mg and Prozac 20 mg I know it's the Seroquel causing me weight gain-- I have gained 30 pounds on it. I can't exercise as much as I used to since I have been on it because it slows me down and makes me more tired--- my Pdoc wants me to stay on Prozac b/c it has really killed my depression. I have no choice but to take these meds. The Seroquel is the ONLY drug I have tried so f
  18. I've recently re-started my journey to lose weight and get fit. This time in a healthy way by counting my calories and working out. While jogging for the first time I had three separate people during the hour long route called me 'fat' 'fatty' 'fat bitch' and other things I couldn't make out as I ran on by. But I haven't been out jogging since these assholes decided to be, well, assholes. For the past few days I've made up excuses (I'm way to tired and sore, my boyfriends mum is coming to stay, it's too late now, etcetc) and then thinking on it it's really just the fact I got insulted by
  19. Hey (ho, let's go!). I started Latuda on the 17th at 20 mg, and went up to 40 mg on the 24th. I am definitely feeling some effects, I think most of them good, but I wanted to run some by you. -Weight loss. Hey, I'm not complaining. And there are one or two other factors that might be giving that an assist. But I have very little appetite. I'm one of those Green Smoothie freaks, so we get a blast of veggies and fruit everyday, ostensibly our 5 servings a day, but 3 of the servings are fruit, and I think it is suppose to be the other way 'round. -Insomnia. It is always hard to tell what
  20. i'm just curious about which medications are normally prescribed for weight loss. i know healthy eating and exercise are the first choice, normally... i'm just wondering what happens when someone is really struggling and can't seem to gain any ground, due to the antipsychotics or mood stabilizers or other medications they are on. i feel like a slug, and i don't have the energy nor self control at this point, to make headway in the area of cutting back calories or by engaging in exercise solely and exclusively. i have started walking, but i still feel like eating the whole refri
  21. hi, i just joined and this is my first post! first of all i just wanna say i dont think there is anything wrong with being fat, i think all body shapes and sizes are beautiful, etc. but anyway here's the deal: i got sent away to residential treatment when i was 16. i was about 125 lbs at the time. while i was there, i started consistently taking medication for the first time in my life. i am now about to turn 19 and the last time my doctor weight me, i was at 165 lbs. since going on medication i've gained 40 pounds and i'm the heaviest i've ever been in my life. i'm now consid
  22. Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (don't know which type yet), and the psychiatrist prescribed me some Seroquel XR. She told me to slowly increase the dose: Week 1: 50 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 2: 100 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 3: 150 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 4 and until they find an appropriate dose: 200 mg DIE HS *DIE = once daily **HS = at bedtime I just started 150 mg last night, and I suddenly lost about 3 lbs., and I woke up this morning experiencing a down phase. I was 161 lbs. before starting Seroquel, and now I'm at 156-157 lbs. My cheeks have also
  23. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on here..... I'm bipolar and have been on seroquel and cipralex for the last year and a half... I don't have any complaints about how seroquel works - it really seems to work for me.... however, I find it difficult to wake up in the morning, I find myself mildly depressed from time to time, and I have gained ALOT of weight since beginning it. When I first started on seroquel I was 130 lbs, and I'm now at 180. I've never been this heavy in my life and I've always been so active and careful with my diet - I haven't changed any of my habits. But no ma
  24. I first heard about this on Dr. Oz, who I have no reason to mistrust...he's hooked up with an outfit selling it on the internet I looked at a different brand in the drugstore today that said something about helping your body make or retain more norepinephrine (I'm on SNRI's) Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried it or know someone who has? ...stephanie
  25. I basically only have alcoholics giving me advice anymore (1.75 years sober, in AA) so I decided to ask some variably more or less sane people who might know more about this topic for some advice. 2000-2005: Progressive depression supplemented by alcohol and drug use. 2005: Psychotic break, induced by drugs, alcohol, lack of proper food and sleep and, of course, my brain chemistry. Diagnosis: Dual diagnosis Bipolar (I don't know if it was I or II) and Addiction. Medication conclusion: 1000mg Depakote and 300mg Wellbutrin daily. 2005-2010: Consistent use of meds. On and off, mostly off
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