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Found 21 results

  1. My fiance has been losing weight recently. He's down 20 lbs and is like 228 lbs now. I've gained weight, but it was also that time of the month. I kinda go after chubby dudes as is, and always worry if they weigh less than me I become unnattractive. His affection towards me hasn't really gone down, it's stayed the same really. I tell him my concerns of me gaining while he's losing, and he says he'll love me no matter what. And that he also doesn't want me skinnier, he just wants me to be happy. But, at the same time he thinks my best friend is too big, [she's considered a SSBBW i'm a BBW if anyone knows what those mean...] but he said the difference too is that if I got as big as her he loves me, not her. I just worry his eyes may start to wander to other girls who aren't as big, although he does prefer curvier women, and I do actually have curves, i'm just a bit chunky. I've got a big bust, wide hips, and a big lower half, plus an hourglass figure, but a bit of a tummy.... And lately I've been more anxious as well about losing him to the point of nightmares, although it seems that they're symbolizing to not worry and to trust him [I die in them, and regret leaving things "left unsaid" with him basically.] Also a gentle reminder, this is my first longest relationship [been almost 2 years now coming this fall, been engaged for a full year now, too as of june.], first engagement, and hopeful marriage in the next few years. He's been married twice. I'm hoping to get us in for a premarital counseling appt cause we've not been in awhile this coming week, also. I feel like I've just put him on this pedastal of perfect cause let's face it he IS WAY better than anyone else I've been with putting up with my anxiety attacks, insecurities, etc etc etc, and it's like I'm waiting for something bad to happen and I hate that I'm like that. And he tells me to stop thinking he's perfect too, cause he ain't but he is to me...
  2. Has anyone here who has a history of weight gain from antidepressants had success with a very low dose of Amitryptyline? I'm hoping 10mg will not cause weight gain. And I also hope 10mg won't cause sexual problems. Weight gain is something I'm terrified of after becoming huge on Zoloft.
  3. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone who gained weight after initial treatment with Risperdal managed to successfully make it back to their baseline while still on the medication. I'm on Weight Watchers at the moment and so far I have taken off a couple of kilograms, but I'm concerned that the effects of risperidone on metabolism etc will cause me to plateau and ultimately put the weight back on. If you did have success with weight loss, it would be great if you could share any methods / techniques / dietary regimens / exercise programs you used (but obviously not in too much detail). Also, if you managed to lose weight on Olanzipine (Zyprexa) I would be just as interested, as it seems to have the same effects with weight gain as Risperdal. Cheers.
  4. Hi, new here. I'm pretty sure my recent weight gain is due to Abilify. Mayo clinic calls it a 'more common' side effect and others say it causes weight loss. I have always been able to control my weight with diet and exercise, but no longer. It did bring me out of a deep depression, but I had just had two major surgeries with general anesthesia, so the depression may have been due to that. I'm thinking of cutting it down slowly. Anyone have major fat from Abiliy?
  5. I so need some advice on this. My pdoc and tdoc are very aware that I have anorexia. It's been in remission for about a year+. They know I'm struggling. I just want opinions of people who KNOW how this feels. I saw on my dr chart that I have a 28 BMI based on that chart. I'm aware I'm not thin, but I know I'm not obese. I've been able to keep the weight in perspective for a long time, but I feel myself slipping. I've even lost weight recently, in a healthy manner. Some of my disabilities make it hard: legally blind (use a cane), fibromyalgia, chronic pain and a spine full of herniated discs/pinched nerves/moderate arthritis. I'm 42. I know my anorexia contributed to alot of that. I can feel the evil anorexia voices getting louder (not out loud, y'all know what I mean). I'm finding it hard not to self harm over it. My Drs know that, too. I feel like a tub of lard. I'm becoming really anxious and upset if I can't weigh myself a few times a day. I am struggling. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. A month ago I started generic bupropion IR, only 75 mg, for depression. I know that's low; I also know I have a low tolerance of most meds. I was told to increase to 2 a day after a week. I can't. In fact, can't even, after a month, take a whole one. I have to cut it up, and have found if I take only 3/4 of it (I know, really low, but everyone's different and this is IR), I don't feel so crappy. The nausea, headaches and spacey feelings of taking the whole thing, or even half at once, are gone. I'm not gaining weight as I did years ago, and don't feel "flat" like on Zoloft over a decade ago. I haven't been on meds since Zoloft back then. I'd originally gone to the dr little over a month ago due to menopausal issues, and bloodwork confirmed hormones low (as is the usual). I was hoping for some temp hormone replacement therapy to ease menopausal symptoms. Dr told me they DON'T do HRT and instead refer women to "behavioral health" for antidepressants. I think that's ridiculous, as a blanket policy. It's a big HMO (Kaiser) and I don't have $$ to go elsewhere. I have a history of depression, and they told me I've had too many major and moderate episodes to not be on meds. Anyway, I also was tested for ADHD, and just found out, so that's an issue. Now it's as if my entire life makes more sense (why I'm me and why I've probably done/not done a whole lot of things). Dr wants to try stimulants for that, after being on antidepressants for a while. She first wanted to put me on Prozac. I told her I had suicidal thoughts and was in terrible despair years ago and had to stop it, before trying Zoloft. She stated I wasn't on it long enough to make me suicidal. I countered with, "I believe I was, because I'd never, ever wanted to die until I took Prozac. And after that happened, I personally knew 2 people who succeeded after a couple weeks on it." So she put me on bupropion, stating it may also help the ADHD. My next appointment is in a little over a week. Ok, to get to the point. I don't have the insomnia others seem to get, it helps control my appetite, no sexual side-effects, and cutting the small dose into bits throughout the day seems to help a lot. I started smoking again a couple months ago (booo), after quitting 20 yrs ago, and today was the first day I didn't crave cigarettes since restarting. When I took more of the pill at once, I spaced, had brain zaps, mini-panic attacks lasting only seconds, bad headaches, sometimes rapidly went from sad to angry to fine in minutes (never have before), and inability to concentrate (more than usual), plus occasional irritability, which I didn't have much before. And the awful cough. That hasn't let up. Will it ever? Within a half hour of any dose, even a minute amount, the coughing starts. My job has me interacting all day with clients, so the coughing is a problem. The other day I called the dr's office due to the coughing, and never spoke with a dr. The woman told me I can't cut the pills, but can't just stop taking them, and to wait for a call back from a dr. Still waiting. So I keep cutting the pills and it seems ok. I'm not feeling great, still sorta down, but maybe that's more situational (crap job, financial pressures, the normal stuff). I thought maybe the generic caused the coughing, but the insurance will not allow name-brand, I was told, even if I wanted to pay. And I've read even name-brand can cause coughing. I won't go on something that makes me tired and gain weight. I'm exhausted enough already, and the bupropion seems to help a little. This is long, so if you got to this point, thanks. I just don't know if the coughing is ever going to leave, and now that I've complained about it, looks like they'll take me off it. Bleh. No clue if starting stimulants alone will make everything worse.
  7. Ok , so as all of you know, weight can suck.. either you lose too much or you gain too much.. it blows. I increased my Prozac and noticed the weight was going up each week. so i lowered it a few weeks ago.. i no longer am gaining weight, maybe it's because i have more energy. anyway.. i have been working out and dieting now, my anxiety with that is.. i have a fear of fainting, so i am always worried i am not eating enough and then my mind races like OMG EAT SOMETHING YOU ARE GOING TO FAINT!! i can't tell if it's anxiety or if i really am hungry?i have been eating under 1350 calories a day and going on fast walks everyday. but if every time i panic and eat.. there goes the whole trying to diet? BOOO has anyone ever felt like this? i was 141 last sunday i am now 137 today. so we will see if the pounds keep coming off *crosses fingers*
  8. As a late teenager with relatively limited income (had jobs that paid too little to really fully support myself and limited savings), I had some serious mental health issues over an issue that has become largely resolved. I was really struggling with this issue, but I would often verbally attack my parents. I would tell them that they were no good, horrible people, that I hated them, and become extremely belligerent. I acted out and even screamed at and flipped off the dog once, which I feel very badly about as it seemed to scare the poor little guy a lot. Me and the dog are best buds and always will be, so I feel real bad about that. I was really belligerent and would sometimes just go on these rants all day long. In response to this, there were occasions when my parents threatened to kick me out of the house, but never did. Would you consider them saying that to have been abusive behavior or was I the jerk.
  9. Hello, I am posting today to let you know to not give up hope with AAPs. I tried: Zyprexa (made my mind literally useless), Invega (made me extremely suicidal), Zoloft (was a stupid drug choice), Abilify (decent drug but gave me HORRIFIC EPS symptoms) + a host of other "supplemental drugs." I started Latuda a few weeks ago. I have been psychosis-free ever since a few days after starting it. I have had no tremors/involuntary muscle movements, and my head has felt more clear than it has in a LONG time. The best part is: I have actually LOST weight on Latuda. I know the AAPs are supposed to make you gain. I gained a pound or two on Abilify, but I've steadily been losing weight, even on days when I completely overeat. Is this normal/has anyone had this happen before?
  10. Which of the antipsychotics (both typical and atypical) are least likely to cause significant weight gain? I've tried Latuda and became manic, same with Saphris. I'm currently on Abilify, but the cost is too much to continue.
  11. So quetiapine makes me hungry. I am hungry even after meals. I've tried snacking but I just overeat. I'm now trying three meals a day but I'm HUNGRY. I drink water before and after each meal. I've joined a gym to get fit and diet is the thing holding me back now. How do I stop being hungry? Any advice, helpful links, filling foods, just anything to help me feel full??? Help!
  12. Has anybody else had rapid weight gain on Saphris? I mean REALLY rapid ... 20lbs in 3 weeks type thing? If so, can you tell me what you have done to curve it and lose weight? Any advice is much appreciated.
  13. In the past two weeks I've gained a huge ten kilos. This isn't good. It's affecting my dysphoria and it's kind of kickstarting a strange watered down episode of depression. So I'm thinking of going on a liquid diet of soups with apples for solid fiber. Ideally I would go back to do Jenny Craig to lose weight but I am far too poor. To be honest I would like to lose at least the weight I've gained before my partner returns mid January. I'd keep up my excercise of daily walks with my dog and take multi vitamins. Has anyone here ever tried a liquid diet for weightloss? Do you have any other suggestions for losing the weight I've gained?
  14. hi, i just joined and this is my first post! first of all i just wanna say i dont think there is anything wrong with being fat, i think all body shapes and sizes are beautiful, etc. but anyway here's the deal: i got sent away to residential treatment when i was 16. i was about 125 lbs at the time. while i was there, i started consistently taking medication for the first time in my life. i am now about to turn 19 and the last time my doctor weight me, i was at 165 lbs. since going on medication i've gained 40 pounds and i'm the heaviest i've ever been in my life. i'm now considered plus sized and i even have trouble finding clothes that fit me at a lot of stores (which sucks because i need all new ones since none of my old clothes fit). i don't feel physically healthy, i'm really out of shape, and frankly i don't feel very confident about my looks anymore. i believe the medication that caused the most weight gain was abilify, which i stopped taking several months ago...but i continue to gain weight. you can see what other meds i'm on in my signature below. anyway, for those of you that have also experienced a large weight gain due to medication...how did you get the weight back off, and how long did it take you? other than diet and exercise (i am trying to start working out...its hard when you're severely depressed lol), have you tried anything else, like some wacky vitamins, that have helped you (in a HEALTHY way)? have you heard of anything recommended by doctors? the only thing i've heard about is myo-inositol, a vitamin that supposedly helps with bipolar disorder and somehow combats weight gain from abilify, specifically. please help i'm really sick of being fat lol.
  15. I have been looking around to see if anyone else had had any experiences with lithium and appetite type stuff but a lot of the time they are taking a lot of other different meds, so this is a shout out to anyone who's main mood affecting med is lithium (and don't also take antidepressants or mood stabilizers or those munchie causing anti psych's like seroquel or xyprexa at the same time, coz how can you tell if they are the culprits?) Anyway the issue is I've noticed that I have no interest in what once was my favourite treats- chocolate, icecream, lollies, nutella! I can't even get through a normal 50g bar of chocolate anymore, this is not a bad thing, I'll get used to it but I miss enjoying a choccie. I am also having a problem where I do not know what to eat, I can't work out what I feel like eating, and the thought of food seems really undesirable, I wait for ages and dont plan a meal and then end up just eating toast with soup for dinner. But it means I'm not getting enough of the right foods/nutrition. I also am starting to skip meals like breakfast or lunch because I cant decide what to eat, its like I am hungry but really don't like the thought of eating. And I only have an appetite for really plain, savoury things, like cheese and baked beans, or margharita pizza. I also feel like if I am not eating as much, why am I not getting thinner, I havent weighed myself but my tummy seems puffy, is this bloating or fluid retention? Something to do with craving more savoury foods, I also haven't been drinking enough water. Anyway I was wondering if other people who's main active medication is lithium are also experiencing changes in the world of appetite and taste and food. It's unsettling but I'm not upset by it, just intrigued as to if this is the cause. Oh, and after drinking one glass of red wine- sleepy, almost headachey and cranky. this one makes me sad, the same with other alcohols, I can't get that relaxed tipsy feeling anymore, just nausea or sleepiness.
  16. Remember the post I made before about finding the right antimania med that does not cause weight gain besides Geodon? Well I was on it before (abilify) and thought it caused the weight gain but I think it was my antidepressant not it. I am on abilify, lamictal, and lexapro and don't feel hungry one bit. I am so happy! I had gained-and this is the truth-70 total pounds. 65 on prozac and 5 during two weeks of risperdal. I am officially not hungry and shed my first pound! YAY! AND my mania is under control! Anyways just thought I would share that update with you all.
  17. I have a good mood stabilizer and a good antidepressant... but my antimania (Antipsychotic to be specific) is only at 1mg (of risperdal) and I am feeling the weight gain side effect already. AND I am moderately manic. I need something that works for mania and does not cause weight gain. My psychiatrist does not want to put me on Geodon because of it's needs for EKGs. Any ideas??? If I am left with no other option I will ask if we could give the Geodon a try and schedule an EKG.
  18. Hi! I am going to start Saphris soon and am concerned about weight gain. My doctor told me that it is more weight neutral than other meds in it's class and yet I keep seeing that it can cause weight gain in many people. Does it cause weight gain in everyone? A huge percent? Is it neutral for some? And in terms of the weight gain- is the gain caused by increase in appetite or slowed metabolism or something else? Thanks for any input! Jen
  19. I went to my pdoc today. I have been experiencing a lot of difficulty focusing on school projects, conversations, and pretty much everything else. Because I do not have ADD (at least I don't think so) and because I am bipolar and shouldn't take any stimulants (her words), she suggested Wellbutrin XL for focus and motivation. I'm going to be taking my first pill (150mg) tomorrow morning. I am also on 450mg/day of Lithium and 20mg/day of Prozac, but will be weaning myself off the Prozac per pdoc's orders. I've been doing some research online about Wellbutrin and am sort of concerned about what people have been saying. My doctor told me it can cause weight loss and I have been reading a lot about that, but I have also read many testimonials that it has caused drastic weight gain in some people. I know that medication affects everyone differently, but this concerns me as I do have some problems with body image (then again, who doesn't ). Has anyone taken the generic Wellbutrin XL and experienced weight gain or weight loss? Also, does this medication actually help you concentrate harder?
  20. I know a common side effect of Olanzapine is gaining large amounts of weight, which i have done since starting it. But i was wondering how long does it make you gain weight for, a month, 6 months? or does it never stop? i am about a week in and have gained 5 kg (11 Ibs) and i have asked my pdoc for a 'appetite suppressant' because i can't stop eating and thinking about food but she said "no". I have now put very hard food restrictions on me, so i can only eat at X times and Y foods, which is sooooo hard. I want to know when or if this will ever get better or if i am just going to get fatter and fatter. I have tried chewing gum, sucking lollies, eating celery but i still can't stop eating. its all i think about. but my pdoc isn't taking me or it seriously!
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