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Found 6 results

  1. Hello crazyboards, Anyone else on Vraylar? What are your thoughts and experiences? I am currently on Vraylar. This is my second time taking it. Two years ago, I was on it for three months. In three months time, it caused me to gain 30 lbs. I was never able to lose the weight because I switched right back to Abilify which gives me increased appetite and urges to binge eat. I have tried almost every medication available and my psychiatrist says that I am out of options. All of the medications have intolerable side effects. Aside from the weight gain, Vraylar is the best medication I have tried. I decided to give Vraylar another try while working the weight watchers program (which I have had nothing but success with in the past.) I have been on weight watchers for the past three weeks. I have only been on Vraylar for one week and I have already gained 1.8 lbs, WHILE working the weight watchers program. My psychiatrist told me that diet alone will not help, and that I have to engage in regular intensive exercise. I am willing to give it a try. However, I don't know that the type of diet I will have to eat is realistic or maintainable. I literally can't eat anything good ever again. I have to stick to Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Brown Rice, Fruit, and that's it. No sauces, no extras. I would be afraid to see what would happen if I even ate a sweet potato. That could mean another pants size by tomorrow! There are other side effects of Vraylar as well. I am clenching my teeth really hard, and I have to urinate constantly. There is also a significant risk for diabetes on Vraylar which scares me. I am also concerned about all of the weight that I have to lose, which I have been trying to lose for years. If Vraylar causes such bad weight gain, who's to say that I will even be capable of LOSING weight while on the drug? I am very interested in anything that you have to share about Vraylar, good or bad, so let me know down below. Also, I am open to recommendations for other medications which don't have all of these crazy side effects!
  2. Hello crazyboards, I wanted some feedback on the difference between typicals and atypicals...specifically Abilify versus Prolixin. I have been taking Abilify for years which means I have had to live with sh**y side effects for a while now. I got to the point where I could no longer tolerate the side effects so I decided it was time for another med change. Also, I finally realized that the Abilify could be a contributing factor to my weight problem. My doctor suggested Prolixin and I agreed to try it. I remember being on Prolixin for a short period of time in the past and I don't recall any awful or intolerable side effects. The reason I quit the drug was an entirely different story all together which had nothing to do with the medication its self. I have been struggling to find the right medication for years. I tried just about every option available to me with my previous psychiatrist. The trouble is that the meds work but they all cause intolerable side effects. Even the medications used to counter those side effects, have their own awful side effects. Both my previous and current psychiatrist recommended trying the older "typical" antipsychotics at low doses. Both of them said that their patients experienced less side effects on those medications at low doses, than with the atypicals. Since I am already on a very low dose of Abilify anyway, I figured it was a perfect fit. I wanted to know if there are any marked differences between Abilify and Prolixin for the better or worse...in general and in terms of side effects. I had gotten used to the sh**y side effects of Abilify although some of them seem to have worsened or I have developed new ones over time. If this cocktail doesn't work, I am at the point where I am greatly considering going off of meds all together (safely by titrating down). However, I don't really feel that being medication-free is an option for me. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who seems to greatly benefit from medication and struggle without it. Ps. Another side note: I had to quit cannabis due to my medication which is a major bummer. Ever since I started taking antipsychotics, years ago, cannabis began affecting me differently to the point where it wasn't worth it. It began interacting with the meds and causing adverse effects as well as dulling the high. I am hoping this changes once I start taking typicals, seeing as they work a little bit differently.
  3. First time poster here. I have bipolar 1, diagnosed last year after some horrible psychotic/manic episodes. I was put on lexapro which made me go insane and then put on zyprexa 10 mg which I abruptly stopped (I didnt get that you cant do that) which then again made me go crazy. Right now I am on Rexulti 1.5 mg and Seroquel 37.5 mg (I am tapering the Seroquel slowly to come off of it). I know these are low doses but I tend to be very sensitive to meds. The highest does of seroquel I was on was 300. I am not having any weird psychotic symptoms or manic feelings but am struggling with some depression. I am really unhappy with the weight gain from the antipsychotics. I have gained 10 lbs and from what I read all the APS will put weight on you. I also do not like how tired I feel. When I first started taking them I think the Rexulti was more activating, I actually felt jittery and seemed to be getting more stuff done, but now I just feel lazy and unmotivated. I was curious about trying Lamictal, and I was wondering if it would be possible to take that instead of the Rexulti. The only thing I worry about is I hear it impacts your cognition and I am starting school soon. Has anyone managed Bipolar 1 without a AP? Is it possible to just be on lamictal? I won't try antidepressents again after what happend with the lexapro.
  4. Mods, please feel free to move this if it's not the right place or if another place would give it better visibility. Hello! I've been away for quite some time, but here's a quick summary of my crazy: I have major depressive disorder, dysthymia, and generalized anxiety disorder. I've been in remission for about 10 years but had a relapse recently after two very sad overseas funerals, a visit to my parents (Dad has Alzheimer's, parents underwater on their mortgage, Mom probably has some undiagnosed mental health issue but refuses to seek treatment), and yet another close friend having a baby (husband doesn't want one, I do, we're working through it but it's pretty upsetting for me). This ain't my first rodeo, so I did all the things we're supposed to do. Went to my pdoc (had to get a new one because the old one didn't take HIPPA seriously enough for me), got a new tdoc, joined a new gym that's at the local hospital and includes nurse evals and sessions with a personal trainer every 6 weeks, found a dietitian, started doing more meditation, etc. Meds going into this: 150 mg Wellbutrin XL, 5 mg Lexapro, 18 mg Concerta PRN, .5 mg Ativan PRN, Seasonale (awesome birth control pill where I get 4 periods a year) Pdoc had me stop the Concerta, increase Wellbutrin to 300 mg, and add Rexulti. I'm supposed to do 2 weeks at .5 mg (done one so far) and increase to 1 mg after that, come back in a month. First 3 days of Rexulti I was incredibly sleepy. I hoped that that would be a temporary side effect, and it was. At this point, 1 week into the .5 mg of Rexulti, I am neither anxious nor depressed, but I weigh more than I ever have in my life and my clothes no longer fit. Guys, I can't afford a new wardrobe. I started this journey with a goal of losing 15-20 lbs. Now, with the same goal weight, I have to lose 25-30 lbs. I'm not overeating. I'm doing everything the dietitian suggested. I'm doing 40 min. of cardio 3-7 days a week. The depression kept me away from the gym for a while, but I'm getting back into it. I'm going to try to get in to see the pdoc again next week, even though I'm supposed to wait until next month. I'm really hoping that the weight gain will be temporary, but I have a sinking suspicion that it won't be. I don't really want to stop the Rexulti because I feel better than I have in a long time, even before the most recent depressive episode, but I also really want to be at a healthy weight and be able to wear my clothes. So, what do I ask? Would increasing the Wellbutrin balance the weight gain effects of the Rexulti? Would a weight loss medication help? I had another pdoc suggest something like that when I was gaining weight on Prozac, but I ended up switching to another SSRI instead. Thanks in advance! Here's a picture of my puppy having an existential crisis:
  5. Hello, From everything I have read, it sounds like Risperdal may be "my new best friend" given that my recurring dysphoric mania makes me "want to smash everything in sight." But I am VERY concerned about the cardiac risks (family history), metabolic changes, and EPS. I am more comfortable with the RIGHT typicals than most atypicals. Pdoc prefers mid-potency typicals like perphenezine for a patient like me but I tried that and it was like taking a water pill. Had zero effect on me. He suggested Vraylar instead but I don't like taking brand new drugs. For example, my best success on ANY drug has been on a MAOI.
  6. Hi. I've been on 20mg ami since fall 2015 and have since gained 20 lbs . I'm going to my doctor soon and will likely change meds, but does anyone know if the pounds will just melt off or if I'll have to diet to get rid of them?
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