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Why is a female patient seeing a gynecologist entitled to a same-sex chaperone but not a male patient / client being evaluated by a female urologist?

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33 minutes ago, Cerberus said:

@Iceberg - I say ‘crisis’ in a broad societal sense, but really what it amounts to is the NPs becoming a first line of triage of the mental health care on a community level because the problem is growing too large, by volume, for the doctors to manage it at their level. But MI doesn’t lend itself to triage in the way physical injury might, both because of the complexity of human psychology, and the scientific unknowns about the nature and function of the brain. You can’t ultimately set a brain like you would a broken arm.

I’m not sure I entirely fit your description of me as a consumer of psychiatric care. Yes, I am able to pay to see my pdoc, but that ability comes at a significant cost to me - I live frugally on a government pension and I very consciously and deliberately do without some things in order to set aside the money for my psychiatric care. This is not really something I have an option about; without this level of care, my depression will kill me. It’s as simple as that.

I’m sorry Cerberus, I was not trying to sound judgmental there. I apologize, that if came off as holier than thou. I also pay for a private pdoc and would also be extremely worried about being transferred to an NP (or anyone else really)  

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As a point of interest, my visit to the urologist (the doctor) was not uncomfortable at all today. Yet at the end of it, when it came time to schedule my follow-up appointment, sure enough, the receptionist tried to shunt me off onto one of their LNPs for the next appointment. She paused for a tic when I said, "No, thank you, I'll wait until the doctor is available." Which he was, at a time three days later on. Bear in mind, the subject of my visit was a discussion about a risk of prostate cancer, and the decisions I would need to make in terms of monitoring versus early biopsy to determine if there was an issue, etc. The potential is not high, but I am not trusting my potential cancer diagnosis, and the source of advice on which to base my next decisions, to a LNP. Just not. Sorry not sorry.

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