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Is it possible that there's something in coke (regular coke) that would give me diarrhea?  I ordered three diet cokes and got three regular ones and I drank one before realizing the problem (a surprise given the different taste).  Then I went on a walk and had to rush back to use the bathroom . It's been pretty frequent since then.

I haven't changed anything else other than propranolol and it seems much more likely to be coke because I'm on day two of the med, but I hadn't heard of it.

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38 minutes ago, Gearhead said:

I think that much sugar would upset the hell out of my stomach, too.

I agree on that....If you're used to drinking the diet coke, my bet would be it's the sugar...Although It could also be the caffeine, if you're used to the caffeine-free diet coke.

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