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I’m currently dealing with a tremor that is partially improved by propranolol.  I’m now trying to figure out if there’s a way to isolate what drug is causing it.  I think the possible culprits are lithium, fanapt, and Zyprexa.  Lithium is the only one where I changed the dosage really recently, but fanapt was increased about two months ago.  
Is this just a guessing game or are there ways to figure this out?

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Lithium, Fanapt, and Zyprexa are likely suspects. Lithium is well known for hand tremors and the 2 AAP's can have EPS. I have EPS in the form of pseudo parkinsonian hand tremors from Abilify. This is a common side effect with Lithium and is dose dependent. You might try dropping down the lithium dose some just for a few day and see if things improve. If  recall,  propranolol works better with AAP's than lithium.

If the hand tremor is a recent thing I would start with the last med you increased.

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Strangely, it's my  leg that's having the tremor issue.  I still have mild tremors in my hands, but they aren't the problem.

So I checked my charts and my most recent change to Fanapt was mid-March (4 in pm to 6 pm).  The last lithium increase  was mid-February.

I'm wondering if it's really been around for that long and I just didn't realize it until my friend pointed it out.

I was debating asking for a lithium decrease, so I'll take your advice. 

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