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Intra-household possible covid-19

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Someone else in my household, horribly the most at risk of complications, came down with symptoms extremely suggestive of Covid-19.  I was wondering if there was anything to do besides masks and gloves.  I drove him back the other day from the mechanic the other day, and he and my partner go out together sometimes to do errands, and have fairly recently, so I'm sure we'll all get it if we don't already have it mildly.  I guess I was wondering about suggested precautions when the person cannot quarantine alone very safely, if anyone knows.

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Apparently, his whole doctor's office staff are in quarantine and can't be reached.  He is feeling much better today, however, and has no fever.  Maybe it was diverticulitis + allergies?  I hope he still gets tested.  

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Here at some testing sites you don't need a doc's referral. However the test is subject to a high false negative rate, if you test negative it does not mean you did not have COVID, were a carrier, or had it in the past.

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