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Will Trump really do this?

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Trump is set to announce an executive order against large social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook........This announcement came after Twitter came out against 2 of his Tweets, calling them "potentially misleading".


Quote from article: " The draft executive order being prepared by the Trump administration tests the boundaries of the White House's authority..In a long-shot legal bid, it seeks to curtail the power of large social media platforms by reinterpreting a critical 1996 law that shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits."

If he does this, it will almost certainly be challenged in court, IMO, and the court cases will drag on for months.

Isn't the coronavirus enough for him to deal with?.....**SIGH""

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Apparently many people believe that Trump is a self-made man and aren't aware that he inherited his wealth from his father. Ha! Trump as a self made man. If he made himself then he must've made himself in the dark, with both hands tied behind his back, on board a ship, during a storm, using only mashed potato, road kill, and racist twitter comments.

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I feel like "sleepy Joe" sounds fine. Plus all Biden has to do to refute it is stand up straight. "Crooked Hillary" really stuck, there was nothing she could do to disassociate herself with that, good psychology for people who are unconcious. It was like she was contaminated with that name. When your target audience are people who are on autopilot to the point where all that matters is how you make them feel stuff like that is important. "People won't remember anything you said, just how you made them feel" one of Trump's campaign advisors said that and it's so horrible and so true

I always alternate between being baffled at how stupid he is and then baffled at how diabolical he is

He just tweeted that Biden wants to kill babies... is anyone stupid enough to believe that? Well if he'd said it 4 years ago maybe not but people are deeply entrenched in his cult now

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He may very well try, but it isn't going to get anywhere. If the basic institutions of the country are more or less intact, any attempt to do this would be quickly blocked. In the long run, I would not rule out the possibility of him corrupting the system to the point where he'd be able to do this. But we're a long ways away from that now, even still. Given enough time, it's possible he could get things to that point. But it's completely hypothetical at this point. 

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