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Depression after only brief breakthrough manic symptoms?

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My meds were changed recently and for a few days I had (what my doctor called) breakthrough manic symptoms: I was sleeping 3-4 hours a night, had lots of energy, felt invincible and very happy, etc. It only lasted a few days. My doctor prescribed me a sleeping pill so that I could get some rest. But I woke up today feeling HORRIBLE. A few days of breakthrough symptoms can make you feel THIS depressed??? I wasn't aware of this at all? If this has happened to a anyone else, how long did the depression last for you? I have a lot of work to do and can't be THIS depressed for long.

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Tho I haven't experienced it that way (my changes are usually more gradual), I know it's pretty common to sort of "tank" for a bit after a period of mania. I believe this usually levels off rather quickly for most people. Another possibility is that you're experiencing fatigue from sleep loss combined with leftover depressive effects of the sleeping pill; this clears in a day or two. Lunesta can certainly have that effect on me, but it doesn't happen every time I use it (thankfully). Hope you feel better soon!

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On 5/29/2020 at 10:56 PM, Undun said:

 fatigue from sleep loss 

I used to be able to shake off the beginning of depression or spin up (irresponsibly) into euphoria by deliberate sleep deprivation. Now yielding too much and enjoying a few late late nights (from decreased sleep need from a minor episode) makes me feel very very tired. First physically -- my poor legs -- and then in that kind of emotional intelligence you need to prioritize your own tasks? 

Maybe I'm getting old, or it's the decade plus of lithium doing something to me. (I get regular blood panels and my thyroid is okay. Everyone asks about my thyroid). I'm immensely more satisfied with life in general, but in times like this I feel a little like having had my wings clipped. A feeling of having lost something.

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