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You can't make this stuff up

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In today's news, it seems that a medical worker in India transporting vials of blood samples drawn from patients who tested positive for Covid-19...

...wait for it...

...was attacked by monkeys, who stole the vials and escaped with them. The monkeys eventually tossed the vials when they got tired of chewing on the packets. Authorities have asked for an investigation. Of the hospital, not the monkeys.

When you think about it, you have to wonder, what are the chances of a person being robbed by a band of monkeys, especially in the 21st century? Well, I suppose in certain parts of India the chances are higher than in, say, Kansas City, but the point is you don't think about it happening. Yet there are so many of us now - crowding on 8 billion - that where the chance of something bizarre happening to an individual would have been remote, multiplied by all of the individuals, the chance becomes almost a certainty.

The takeaway message from this is: Watch your back. There are monkeys.


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