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Paxil and Welbutrin

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First of all, are you new here? if so, Welcome! what is your paxil dose? Wellbutrin is a good on for many (I am sure some on here can speak to that), but you also have to be careful of using two meds before giving one a fair trial. in other words, have you thought about or discussed with your doctor going up on the dose and whether that could help? or is that not a possibility for whatever reason? It might be worth talking about because while welbutrin is a good ad-on (or even a primary) med for depression, its track record for anxiety is questionable  

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Greetings!  Thank you so much for replying! I'm on 20 mg. I've only been on it for two months and a bit. I'm worried about having it increased so soon but it does make sense to increase something that seems to be helping - even not if much as I want. I was on prozac and it was wonderful until it stopped working. Even 60 mg wasn't touching the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I also walk a lot. HUGS! PS Today is National Donut Day - hence the picture. :)


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