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taking night-time medication in the morning

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I've done it before and it always sucks.  First off, I never realized how much hey made me sleep.  My bed is calling and  I had a full night of sleep.

evening - lamictal 200, lithium 750 (I already take 150mg) zyprexa 20mg (is going to make me tired,but no adverse effects; valium 10m and klonopin 0.5mg ((I already take 0.5mg xanax XRin the morning ad I take 0.25 mg in the afternoon. 

Does it make sense to just take them tonight?  Or should I hold off on anything?

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I'm leaning toward taking the benzos, checking my blood pressure before and after prazosin, if it's still fine, take the propranolol. 

Skip lithium because that would make it 900mg plus 750mg, which is well past a healthy dose for me.

Maybe 100 lamictal (instead of 200) and 10mg zyprexa (instead of 20) and take the fanapt. 

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Ummmm i am going to tread very carefully here as I do not want to venture into I’m a doctor land ... but typically if I miss night meds I just skip and restart in the morning with the regular meds/dose instead of adding on... these directions are usually in the pharmacy PI you get regarding “what to do if you miss a dose” 

doing dosing math without the pdoc can be a bit risky 

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