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Accidentally stepped on a medicine strip

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Sorry for bothering u guys.

I was arranging my medicine strips(blister pack) 15 mins ago.  They were on floor.

And I accidentally stepped on few of them, can that damage my meds ? Whats worst case scenario ?


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Hey again clinic

Please try to be patient when you're waiting for replies.  In this case it would depend on how much physical damage is done to the pills. Are they broken? Crumbled?  If so, I probably wouldn't take them.  If you stepped on them and can perceive no damage through the blister pack, then I would think you're fine.  If the pills are extended release/sustained release, they have a special coating and cannot be split.  So if that is the case - i.e. you have broken an XR/SR pill, then I don't think you can take it.

You seem rather anxious in your perseverating over wet pills or broken pills.


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