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LSD Psychosis- topped off with a seizure

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This past Sunday I got my hands on two high quality hits of Acid.  I thought I did enough research, and I thought combining that with my medicine was alright...but I forgot to research Lithium.

For the first few hours my trip was going smoothly.  Sound was coming in waves and I was getting EXELLENT visuals.  I remember doodling on my sketch pad and watching the doodles swin off of the paper and onto my hands and up my arm.  But thing didn't stay that enjoyable.  Soon I started to forget I was on acid and began to get these delusions that the Xbox was somehow linked to my mind and everytime I came across a "new memory," the controller would vibrate.

That's when my memory gets choppy.

I remember being in the shower at one point- fully clothed with my semi-boyfriend.  Then next thing I know I'm in the other room with my hands and feet bound together laying in the floor.  Before they tied my hands, I remember trying to pull out my ear ring.

Finally I sober up enough to where they trust me enough to untie me.  Then they tell me what happened...

I got more and more delusional until the point where I got violent.  I bit this girl that was in the room hanging out so hard that I drew blood.  Then I started spacing out.  I was pretty much catatonic, all except this tick I had- like I kept looking behind me.      Then the convulsions started.  They said at one point I was struggling to breathe.  I don't know how long I was seizing, but after that I was violent again- the reason why they tied me up.

Oh...I also turned up a bottle of shampoo while I was in the shower and started chugging it.  After that I threw up on myself and all over the floor.

I don't know if I did any permanent damage to myself.  I'm just afraid I'll have another seizure.  I stopped taking my Lithium...and already my mind has started to race.  I go to my therapy session tomorrow, so I'll discuss all of this with her.

Goddamn mental shit...goddamn mental drugs....goddamn mental drugs interfering with psychedelic drugs...

[but I know I know, you don't have to tell me how foolish it is to be doing psychedelics when I already am having mental issues...]

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Ive never had LSD psychosis (like Velveteen says I believe Im fucked up enough and it would be a Very Bad Idea), but I have had cannabis induced psychosis which led to similiar shenanigans like your X-Box mind-linking where I believe the Playstation was linking my thoughts with other players and putting our mindsets in tandem. It was scary. Any how, I hope that you feel better soon and you haven't done yourself any permanent damage. You might want to rethink your lithium abstinence - I went off meds at the beginning of the year and it was an unholy fucking disaster... I hope it goes well with your therapist. Take care and let us know how you are.

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OMG, that sounds like a fucking nightmare. 

I am sure there isn't any permanent damage.  You sound coherant enough now.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to get some nutrients into you.  Get some sleep when you can.

I think you will be fine.  LSD is freaky shit, but not likely to do any permanent damage.

Can you get your hands on some benzos to prevent seizures?  That would be my biggest concern. 

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