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Dream Characters In A Nightmare Knew Something I Didn't

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I recently had a terrifying nightmare involving demons, aliens, and all sorts of nonsense like that. Which I normally would write off as nothing other than a bad dream. Which is all that it was. However, it was like my unconscious knew something about myself that I didn't. Anyways, in this messed up dream, there was mention of me having an "epicanthal fold" (not exactly sure what the context was in the dream). I did not even know what that meant or anything like that, and I Googled it the next day simply out of curiosity. Then, to my surprise it turned out that I have it. I had no idea what the term even meant and yet the characters in this bizarre dream somehow knew that I had this, as they were talking about it for some reason. It seems unlikely to have been simply random chance, as only 5% of people with my ancestry have this. Also, it seems unlikely that I would have been "unconsciously aware" of this since it is not very noticeable. I just find it really strange that dream characters somehow knew this little random fact about myself that I didn't even know and probably would've had no reason to ever even take notice of. Plus, the dream characters talking about this seemed to know a word that I didn't until I Googled it after having this dream. 

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Sometimes you hear something in passing or read a tidbit somewhere and forget it completely. Then it comes out randomly and you have no idea where it came from. I often am writing and a random word will come out of me. I have no idea what it means but when I look it up, it fits the sentence perfectly. Even though I could swear I had never heard the word before. 

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