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I've bought a second.  the first wasn't going to work with how it would get onto the wall.  this one appears more promising.  the thing I'm finding is that it's hard to find something that just makes noise as opposed to sending an alert to a monitor that then goes off.  I guess I could always put the monitor right next to the sensor, but it seems wasteful.

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I’m not clear about what you mean. We have motion detectors in the yard that set off lights, and I just remembered that my dad had set up motion detectors that went off when deer went through various places on his property. He loved yelling about the deer.

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I don’t think so because I’ve walked into and done things where the lights were on.  Last week I hit the light switch that operates a fan and a light, turned on the fan, turned off the light, and (presumably) went back to bed.

ive also combined food ingredients in my sleep.  I wouldn’t call it cooking because it was stuff like chocolate icing and canned fruit.  But apparently sleep walking me gets hungry.

i haven’t had any happen that I know about since starting the baby dose of klonopin, so maybe that will work, but Chris suggested the motion sensor.  My pdoc wants me to put one at the balcony and one at the front door, but I want to see how this brand works first.

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