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Last night I started lowering the zyprexa from 20mg to 17.5mg.  I intend to sit at 17.5mg until Sunday (five days).  Is that enough time to be able to confirm that I'm doing okay at the lower dose?  My pdoc basically left it in my hands just suggesting that I go from 20 to 17.5 to 15 instead of the 20 to 15 that I was planning on.

Is it long enough to tell, good or bad?

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I think the low end half-life is 21 hrs, so if you’re strictly following the 5-ish half life rule 5 days is on the short end... however, if your pdoc is letting you do this it might be more of a “feel” thing. I would think that if they wanted you to do a slower pace they would have mentioned that and gave you a plan 

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yeah, she definitely seemed to be more of a feel.  The length of time was something I chose.  It was going to be three days, but then I had a date today, so I decided going down last night wasn't the smartest plan.  (which my body agreed, as my IBS acted up pretty badly and I took forever to fall asleep).

I'm going to switch to 15 mg tomorrow (day 5) and see ho it goes.  Hopefully no insomnia. 

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