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I saw that article yesterday too.  Isen't there a ridiculous commercial out there something along the lines of too much belly fat, blah blah, here take cordisol or something along those lines to completely melt the fat away.  Anyway, if its the same type of stuff, bring it on, helps with the phobia stuff and "melts" my belly fat, rock on!!! I'm in.  HOpefully I won't be rolling in a wheel chair by the time it comes out. ;)

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Here's the wiki for info on the hormone cortisol:


Those sleazy ads on television are only taking advantage of the play-on-word. High levels of Cortisol over time, most often caused by stress, has been linked to weight gain specifically in the stomach region. 

Here's an interesting link on that - can't vouch for the integrity, I just pulled it out because I thought the line about the cortisol receptors was interesting, I hadn't remembered reading that before:



I saw that article yesterday too.
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