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Which med helped u the most from OCD?

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Strangely, none of the usual meds used for OCD helped me (SSRIs, clomipramine) but since I've been on depakote I've seen a major reduction in OCD symptoms. This could also be from working on my OCD over the last two years in a private and group therapy setting.

BTW, for whatever its worth, both my pdoc and tdoc say therapy is the best treatment for OCD. Do you see a therapist?

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Prozac worked for about a year then it stopped, so I transitioned onto Paxil and I have been on the max dose for almost 2 years, it helps a little. Ativan helps to lessen my anxiety, which in turn helps my compulsions. OCD is really hard to treat in my opinion. I even did PHP and IOP which was very CBT based and though it helped a little OCD is still there. 


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Hi bro,

- Fluoxetine at the max dose (80 mg) and olanzapine 20 mg (max dose). 

- Paroxetine 60 mg which is also the maximum dose & risperidone 2 mg. 

Someone mencioned methylphenidate which I agree, that helps me to put my thoughts in order. 

Clonazepam for sure also helps tremendously. 

Oh I also forgot Lexapro at the moment. 

These combos are the ones that has help me battle ocd since age 18 all these years. I'm 34 now. Not sure which one is the best but like almost every med stops working like a year or half a year so that's the reason to switch meds at some point. Good luck with this disorder, there are lots of options to go. 

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