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sleep hygiene

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When I went through a period of insomnia around Christmas and a few months following I tried all that sleep hygiene had to offer. Nothing helped. I even got those glasses you wear when watching tv or computer screens before you go to bed. 

I do use white noise at night though. I leave a fan on when I go to bed or I can't sleep at all. 

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my life is very different to yours, so YMMV


but, i mostly just sleep if i am tired, wake up if i am not


did lots of sleep hygiene stuff with former drs. Eventually came to same conclusion with both. That attempting some form of pattern to my sleep/wake just leads to increase in guilt, feeling that i am letting my dr down by failing, stress, anxiety, and worse sleep

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I'm not really good at winding down leading up to sleep, which I guess is a big part of sleep hygiene, but I often listen to guided sleep meditations as I'm going to sleep, which seems to help. Sometimes I just play the meditation app's nature sounds (I do the ocean but YMMV), and that also helps me. When I remember I drink herbal tea with name's like "Rest Well" an hour or so before bed.

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my pdoc also recommended sleep hygiene to me when i was having trouble with being agitated at night, but honestly, meds have been the answer for me. here's stuff i've tried.

  • no screens an hour before bed - no difference
  • boring myself to sleep with crosswords - somewhat effective in calming me down, but i'd get frustrated by the more obscure clues
  • cleaning room before bed - pleasant, but ineffective
  • only using bedroom for sleep - no different than when i lived in my bedroom
  • deep calm breathing - this got me through nightly panic attacks a few years ago, but it was not pleasant
  • white noise - pretty helpful. rain sounds are my favourite, but i sleep better with any ambient noise (traffic, fan, etc) than with no noise
  • keeping a low light on in the room - somewhat helpful. pleasant either way
  • long wind-down routine - somewhat helpful
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