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Im going to send an email with less editorializing than what's below to the group tomorrow.
The short version is that she believes I have a neurocognitive deficit - something caused by too many drugs being all on top of each other and interacting.  So the solution is actually less medication, rather than more. 
The pseudoparkinsonianism she declared to not be shuffling after having me focus my camera on my feet.  That was not helpful from my perspective.  She doesn't disagree with the diagnosis as a whole, however.  She's starting me on amantadine as we decrease the fanapt.  The fanapt will go to 9/6 fr four days and 6/6 for four days.  I'm terrified going off of this without substituting something new.  I recognize that we're trying to get me off medications, but there's a reason I've been taking the fanapt and it feels reckless to just ditch it. 
On the email garbage, she attributes that to the neurogcognitive deficit (I'm going to have to read more about this thing).  She agreed that getting a lithium level made sense because lithium had been the cause for the aphasia previously.  She barely acknowledged the aphasia.  And she didn't acknowledge your question about sleep.  She said (roughly) "poor sleep?  It can affect anything--mood, psychosis, any of it). 
so med changes are the fanapt plus amantadine and then we're lowering the lamictal to 150mg with the intent of going off of it. 
so that's the long version.  you'll see the short less-annotated version, but probably not until tomorrow.
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