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what's anyone know about amantadine? 

I'm currently going off of fanapt because of pseudoparkinsonianism.  My psychiatrist says that amantadine can help reduce the symptoms while I'm going down..  She doesn't want it as a long-term option. 

I can't do cogentin because it gives me blurred vision to hte point of not being able to drive or read things of any type (screen, tv, book etc).

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1 minute ago, dancesintherain said:

quick question - was it energizing or sedating for you?  I'm finding myself exhausted an I don't know it's related/

Both. At day i felt little sedated,but during night i had little insomnia. But I took it for 10 days only,so i can't speak about long term effects.

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good to know, thsnks.  I'm likly only short term too because I beleive it's t ease em off the fanapt and get rid of the psueoarkinsonianiam 


Words don't make sense.  Trying again but leaving the original. Damn aphasia.

Im likely only on amentadine for a short time also because I think the idea its to use it to wan me off of fanapt.  Also any residual pseudoparkinshonianism, but there's not likey to be a ton.


This is just a small example of word jubmblning.  I   sent an email to af riend and it literally had two straight lines of "aFEJ #303oALD KeE) etc.          Two lines. .  

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