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On Behalf of Husbando: Morning Allergy Nausea

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So my husband has significant allergies that cause him to be deeply, horribly nauseated in the mornings until he eats, and sometimes it lasts after eating, and he's asked me to look into possible solutions or suggestions from the folks here.  I'm writing this on his behalf, and with his permission.

He currently takes Pristiq (150mg), Lisinopril (for BP) , Hydrochlorothiazide (for BP), Deplin (for MTHFR + Depression), Gabapentin (for RLS), Trazodone (for sleep) and then also Zyrtec daily for his allergies but still has severe nausea some days.

Can anyone make any recommendations on what he should try instead?

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Are you certain the allergies are the culprit in inducing the nausea? This is the first time I have heard of nausea as a symptom of allergic reaction, and it's suspicious that eating brings relief. I would have first thought to check to see if there is a negative drug interaction between any of his prescriptions, or whether any of those prescriptions has nausea as a known side-effect and should be taken with food. Is there any correlation between the time he takes his meds and the onset of the nausea?

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Maybe kick the shit out of a clown. Have I misunderstood the question? Kick the shit out of a clown anyway.

Kicking the shit out of a mime has been shown to be 30% more effective, and more generally satisfying overall.

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Speaking as someone who fasts, not eating can make you nauseous.  It's like how cats and dogs that are hungry will puke bile, but are fine once they eat.  What time is dinner?  

(Could not be it at all, just a thought)

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