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I made a post in the PD section as i'm diagnosed with a personality disorder...My post was about taking time off work as i'm not feeling to good mentally..So yesterday i finished..Originally the plan was to take a week off start my quetiapine and get back to it...I told the folks i work for yesterday a week wont cut it..Mental health as all of you know is far too complex to be overcome in a week...Even if i started the meds and i felt better in myself a week still isnt long enough..So i just said to them that i havent put a time limit on how long i'm having off..They was fine with that and just said ring us when ur ready...I'm self employed so in reality its up to me when i work and when i dont...I came home yesterday shattered from lack of sleep..My sleep pattern hasnt been good for a while now...So back to the point of the post..I feel lost...I have no plan at all...Its like i just needed the immediate relief of getting away from work..I dont know what i'm gunna do in terms of taking my meds,Going back to work,how long i'm having off or anything..I literally have no plan..Its almost like because my mind is so cluttered with mental health symptoms i cant plan anything regards the living world..I dont know if its a combination of not been bothered and stressed out to the point my cognitive skills have took a back seat..I dont know...Maybe i'm on autopilot mode where my main concerns are all on a subconcious level like eating,sleeping and getting rest..I've asked myself what shall i do with my time off..Shall i do some work around the house to keep myself occupied,shall i go out for walks etc  and my brain has no answers..I feel lost..Thats the only way to describe it..Like i have no direction on were to go next..Not that i'm incapable of planning but as things are right now i do feel incapable of planning/making decisions..Like i say i feel like i'm just in basic survival autopilot mode...Am i depressed..yes..although i'd say anxiety is more prominent..I was diagnosed with Mixed depression..As i'm typing now i feel like i'm not making sense so apologies if i'm not coming across very clear..Whats going on...Have i burnt out my fuse so to speak and my brain has kinda shut down like it does with depression?? I just feel lost so if anyone can chime in and offer my some suggestions i'd really appreciate it....

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I find when things get too complicated that just taking care of what my body needs to function can be an anchor for me.

Make life as simple and basic as possible. First priority is taking care of your body. Your mind will work better with regular sleep, food, and light exercise. Then you can add more complex tasks and think about the future. But take care of your body first. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your body. Let your body experience regular sleep, regular meals, and very light exercise, like short walks. When your body gets these things regularly the stress hormones will go down, it will be easier to think. Don't press your mind to solve complex problems with no sleep.

That is my suggestion. Be kind to yourself, slow down, care for your body.

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