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2 hours ago, GrannyG81 said:

Has anyone switched from Mirtazapine over to Serequel...

I'm considering ditching the mirtazapine altogether as i dont feel it does anything...Can you just suddenly switch From Mirt to Serequel or do you first need to taper down ?


What dose are you on and what are you trying to treat? Also, has your pdoc weighed in?

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@Iceberg I'm on 30mgs of Mirt...I was perscribed Serequel to take along side the Mirt..I'm on the lowest dose 25mgs..not started it yet...I'm under the care of a Nurse practitioner...Hes away for 6 weeks...I could ring my regular Gp for a phone appointment...I want to replace Mirt and just take Serequel...The Mirt does little if anything..I've been on it about 7/8 years now..In terms of what i'm treating....A mixture of depression/Anxiety and Obsessive/intrusive thoughts


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You have to be careful, cuz the “target dose” for seroquel treating depression is much higher than 25, and even then it is used typically in combo with another ad. I think that if you ditched the mirt at an antidepressant dose and went to seroquel 25 you would be risking some serious problems. Have you ever considered first going to 45 on the mirt? Seroquel is not known to always be the speediest of drugs, so even if you start going up right away you might still be uncovered for awhile 

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