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13 hours ago, mcjimjam said:

Would I be able to decrease my appetite by switching from Rexulti to Abilify? Is there any difference?

There can be, but I’m not sure it would warrant a switch if the Rexulti is working ... the risk of destabilizing might outweigh any possible appetite benefit 

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I would say IME yes, Abilify is weight friendlier than Rexulti (by a lot!). But as @Iceberg said, watch out about switching meds if they're working for you. You can manage the weight gain (diet, exercise, increase the Prozac to 60-80 mg, add topiramate or zonisamide, and/or add metformin. It appears as though you're already on phentermine, which should help too. There's a combo med called Qsymia which is a combination of phentermine and topiramate. You could just try low doses of topiramate with the phentermine, both generic, and which would be way cheaper, and see how you do with that combination. If topiramate's side effects are too rough (and they are rough!), then switching to zonisamide might be better as it too promotes weight loss but its side effects are much subtler).

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Thanks for your responses. I think maybe it’s not worth it to switch as I’m losing weight anyway although it’s been tough to stick to my nutrition plan. 

mikl, I will keep the topirimate in mind if I start having cravings again. I considered qsymia but it contains only a very small amount of phentermine so we decided to just do a heftier dose of that on its own.

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