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Are there any antipsychotics that work

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I've used Seroquel, then switched to Zyprexa after the voices and whispers started to come back, now I've been on Zyprexa for a couple of weeks and I still feel there are voices and delusions all around my head (I'm also completely unmotivated and the only thought in my head is "I'm just going to sleep until there's something to wake up for"). I was wondering if there are any antipsychotics that make the voices go away completely, I know that sounds like asking for a miracle but I have to believe it exists

I cant seem to make my life work with the way it is right now I'm wondering if that's just something I will have to work through in therapy or just a condition that never really goes away.

Have you had any luck in eliminating the psychotic symptoms and if you have what type of meds did you think helped the most?


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I take 5 mg In the morning and 15 mg at night, I've tried others but it was a couple of years ago so I cant remember how well they worked, or if I even had these symptoms then.

but yeah I'm trying to find the right one and I guess it'll take time.

for the first few months I was supposed to be taking meds I really wasn't and just said that I did, then I realized that my symptoms wouldn't get better on their own. and now I'm actually trying to figure out what medicines would works best.

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Well  you have only tried 2 but there are at least 10-20 more to try, amoung the APs and the AAPs so you have not even stated to sample the antipsycotics. Few do well on the very first meds they take. It takes some fiddling and trials before the right med shows itself. Yes, some succeed in totaly eliminating all the voices.

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I was dysfunctional on olanzapine the only reason I stayed on it was that it used to give me very good sleep. I have become functional after switching to clozapine and the sleep is even better on this one.

PS: You should not consider this medical advice. My doc judged this to be the best one for me. You should ask your doc for his advice.

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