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Dealing with anxiety about aging?

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This has become the central topic of my latest ruminations...I'm still in my 40's, but I'm worrying a lot about getting older. I'm having some random health issues (aches/pains, chronic fatigue etc) that I never had before.

I don't have any children and get triggered every time I see photos of other people's kids (literally everyone I know my age has kids now). I know that it's not a given that all families are happy or one's kids will take care of you in old age, but it's just the thought of having a family around! My parents are approaching late 70's and they live very far away, cannot travel. I have no other close family (or even close friends) that I can really depend on.

Anyone know how to remedy these anxious thoughts? One of my biggest fears is being alone in old age, with increased health issues, and being totally isolated/alone in despair. I'd rather die young.

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I could've written this myself.  And Toby is 10 years older than me so he'll probably die first.  And I will be all alone, and likely will have to settle for sub-standard long-term care homes.  Last time I was in psych emerg I spent my times staring at the wall and crying, because - one day I'll be warehoused because I'm old, and it'll be the same.

It's one reason I want Toby to buy a gun, so when the time comes I can kill him then myself.  I don't want him to be old and suffer.  

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Well I’m in the same boat I guess only older. My brother is in poor health with a condition that usually lives 4 years and my mother over 90. I wasn’t a good aunt so doubt I can rely on nieces. My closest friends have died and I don’t seem to be able to form the same type friendships. No kids. Ex-husband dead. So I hope I can either make closer friends, find a spouse in good health, or get closer to my nieces and be able to trust them. Long term care insurance might be good, too. Obviously I have given this thought. I will say I have family and friends in their 70’s still supporting adult kids so not sure having kids is reliable plus I would have been a crap parent i I suspect. I guess I can make an advance directive saying please nothing heroic and don’t prolong me in a vegetative state to at least cover that. So I hope I find a close friend or spouse. That’s my best chance and hope for health. Does it help the anxiety?  Maybe that would be stretching it but it’s at least something. 

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I feel the same way, but I’m 29. I’m gay and the longest relationship I had lasted six months, and that was over 10 years ago so I think it’s very likely I’ll end up old and alone. The thought scares me so much, even though I am already alone. I probably won’t have kids because I am mentally unstable and poor. I would really like to die young. I hope I do.

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I can so relate to this.  I chose not to have kids because of my mental illness lost my first husband and all my friends because of not having kids.  Have since remarried he too has mental issues, his two sisters live out of town and he has no friends. I have no family other than him and no friends.  I just turned 60 and all I think of is getting sick and being old and alone.  I searched the internet there is actually a name for us "Elder Orphans".  If you have the money there are people you can hire to oversee your care. Forgot the exact name elder care managers or something like that.  My worst fear is Husband is going to die before me, Hell I don't even drive due to anxiety.  Don't know how I will survive.  My Mom was in low income housing then in a nursing home so I have seen what my future holds and it is not pretty.  My Mom's roommate at nursing home had no family all I kept thinking is that will be me some day.  Husband has been saving lots of money but he does not make that much and savings will only last so long.  I am not able to even work.  Feels good to know I am not the only one obsessing over this. Best of luck my fellow Elder Orphans!    

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Hi there. I just turned 47 this month (June). I am married but we decided not to have children. I made the choice not to have children long before I married, because in my opinion it is just stupid to bring another kid into this world when there are already so many who do not have loving homes. By, as I said, that is just MY opinion. I have some health issues that could cut my life expectancy short but my husband is fairly healthy and we have both assumed I'd be the first to go. That said, nothing ever turns out like you plan, and there is a high probability I'll end up in a nursing home if he does leave this world before I do. I try to prepare myself for the possibility of living out the last years in a nursing home and it isn't exciting at all. 

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    • By Isaiah2017
      I'm having a hell of a hard time and experiencing rather weird symptoms. Whether they've anything to do with Mirtazapine (Remeron) is something that I strongly feel but can't quite convince any doctor of.   I was put on 15 mg of it in spring 2015 for depression and a severe insomnia - I hadn't slept an hour like since 25 nights back then! The benefits showed immediately within a day and surprised myself and my family. I would sleep well and be in a very happy and cheerful mood.   Then however, from summer 2016 I developed some strange food intolerances; caffeine, sugar, fruits containing high amounts of fructose, yoghurt, butter and so on. Eating anything of that would cause me jitteriness and insomnia. I steered clear of those foods.   From autumn last year though, a lot of those food intolerances have relented and it changed into intolerance towards medicines and supplements that I was on; the thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin E and could never again tolerate any new medicine or supplement. Symptoms resulting from these are, again, jitters, insomnia and a strange kind of feeling of being struck on the head, like I can't hear anything and the thinking becomes very unclear and blurred. Coupled with this is a weird sensation that if a medicine has any potential side-effect (even physical, such as urine retention), I get it at all costs. So I'm steering clear of the culprits here too.   However, avoiding the culprits doesn't end my misery, it just helps in avoiding a whole new set of symptoms, because since autumn 2016 I'm under constant brainfog anyway, have heart palpitations immediately after every meal (but worst after breakfast), have concentration and focus issues, lead a life without any hobbies, wishes or desires. Nothing excites me, nothing interests me and nothing catches my attention. Leave tasks pending for months (the most unlike me habbit), have badly lost my sense of humour. My sense of humour was something that I literally used to pride on, and friends from around the world would call me to fresh up if they were having a dull day. My mind feels numb, although it isn´t as if it´s the sedating effect of the Mirtazapine because 90% percent of the nights I don´t sleep well, and on a lot of nights I feel as if I´m asleep with an awake mind!   The GP who put me on it considered it to be just the effects of anxiety and depression and recommended the doubling of the dose to 30 mg. When I contested that, given that I´ve my doubts of a lot of these issues being brought upon by Mirtazapine itself, she referred me to a psychiatrist. He too strongly denies of Mirtazapine having any hand to play on it and instead thinks it´ll be best to combine it with another antidepressant for day-time.   He put me on Paroxetine, boom, a flood of side-effects! Then changed to Fluoxetine (Prozac) - third day on it and having weird feelings. The heart poundings are one and is in fact making me very depressed and hopeless!
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      I'm trying to figure out how to address my nervous tics lately. They've been persistent this past year and are always changing. From eye blinking, to head shaking, to sticking my elbow in my sides, squeaking, to a eye closed swallow things. I can't remember them all. 
      I don't always have them. If I've properly slept and aren't stressed/anxious they don't exist at all. As I'm typing this I keep needing to pick up my thumbs and bend them till I hear something crack. 
      I don't know where to put this though! 
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      "Best" as in being effective with fewer side effects. Which ones were the best for you? Which ones did you take? What condition(s) did you treat? What side effects did you get? How did the antipsychotics compare to "conventional" antidepressants?
      Can antipsychotics be an alternative to "conventional" antidepressants? What are the risks? What are the benefits? Do they make you a tomato with time? Psychiatrists prescribe them more often in recent times, it seems.
    • By kitties
      Hi, I am kitties.  I am a newbie here, but not to illness.  I have chronic pain 24/7 in my back and neck.
      Mentally....here are my diagnoses (got a second and third opinion....all objective and a consensus of the exact same diagnoses.)
      Bipolar 1 with psychosis, extreme, treatment resistant, rapid cycling.   Mixed features predominant.  Never had a remission to date...just a couple of weeks with my bipolar disorder.  “Normal” for a few weeks a couple of times per year.  No anxiety remission.
      OCD, GAD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety disorder, PTSD...I think that is everything.   Oh, I am significantly affected by a very strong dose of agoraphobia stemming from my PTSD and Panic Disorder.
      I have a great psychiatrist and I e been in treatment with him a since 2006.  I had a great therapist that had a co-transference issue and I ultimately ended my therapy with him. I have tried four therapists since firing the aforementioned therapist - but I unfortunately have lost faith in the process.
      I am a night owl by nature and it has really ramped up since being declared disabled in 2009/SSDI/cannot work.  I struggle with having a “routine,” although I have read that one with bipolar disorder tends to be more stable with a routine.  I’m easily overstimulated so I like the quiet and darkness..
      I know I have an eating disorder (anorexia, restricting type), but I politely yet firmly said I have had “eating issues” but I have no desire to “go there.”  My psychiatrist respects that although I am subject to a monthly weigh-in and I self-manage it.  
      I am currently relapsing right now, unfortunately. But, I have had it for so many years that I know at what weight my body and mind take a turn for the worst.  And I have to rein it back in and stop losing (meaning eat more).  I’ll never seek treatment as the recovery model, IMO, is ridiculous.  Kudos to those that have been able to “recover.”
      I take a bunch of meds, mainly psych meds  
      I like to read, Enjoy spending time with my boyfriend.  Internet.  I like learning things, I am currently and reading up on world history (pre-USA).  I keep up with psychology and sociology.
      Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
    • By candi71
      I am so very lost, angry, hurt, depressed, explosive, and drowning.  I was put on latuda or my bipolar and depression acting up...  I hate new meds for this reason.  I started having my ptsd dreams again, ate everything in site and craved sugar omg terribly,  have been depressed, cant color which i love to do, just wanna sleep, explosive anger, crying jags, hate life, nothing makes me happy, everything just sucks.  Im so angry cause i feel like i did before i went on any meds, 20yr ago.  
      Im so confused i just feel like im grasping at air.. I was in the er the other night and they basically sent me home after giving my dose of larzapam i didn't take in the afternoon cause i doesn't help.  My theory of   it is it didn't help before the latuda what is gonna make it work coming off latuda or after off.. I remember why i drank now.. I didn't need to feel this then.. I want to drink so bad and wont cause I've been clean 6 yrs April will  be 7 and i worked to hard to get here and refuse to prove others right.  Im so so messed up i cant sleep cant watch TV cant color yet dont want to do any of the above either but if i dont sleep i hurt... has anyone felt this way..  It sux cause the battle to find meds to work will start tomorrow cause my liver doesn't process meds it flushes them out.. oh well sorry just needed to vent and hope someone can help
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