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"Sleepwatch" Android app alternatiive/equivalent?

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I saw my sleep doc today and brought up how my pdoc diagnosed me with a circadian rhythm sleep disorder (CRSD) years ago, but didn't specify which one...

I speculate that I may have delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD) or non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder (non-24), the latter of which I understand is very rare in sighted individuals, but it can progress from DSPD if not treated properly. Also, ADHD, obesity, and OCD are all comorbidities associated with DSPD, and bipolar a comorbidity with non-24.

My sleep doc wants me to download an app that uses my smart watch to track my movement during the day and night, basically to use my smart watch as an actigraphy device. He has an app called "Sleepwatch" that uses the Apple Watch to do this very thing. It's a very advanced app, I read about it. I have scoured (so I feel) the Internet for an alternative for an Android app that does the same thing, and have come up empty handed. All there seem to be are "sleep trackers" and "smart alarm clocks" and such for Android.

Does anyone around happen to know of an alternative or equivalent to this app for Android that does the same thing? I need to have the data for my sleep doc by next visit (next month) so he can have something to go off of.

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11 hours ago, saintalto said:

You could buy an older generation Apple Watch for not that much. I use an Apple Watch and it’s fantastic. I’m not sure if you have to have an iPhone to use the Apple Watch though. 

I don't. :( I'd have to buy an iPhone too.

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