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gluten sensitivity testing?

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so the big to-do in my family is that we think a bunch of us may have either gluten or casesin issues or both.  i know i've had dairy issues since birth, but i don't know if it's lactose or casesin.  i know that i'm having serious malabsorption issues because i've had my amino acid levels in my blood run twice and i'm way low on a lot of things that i should only be low on if i was starving (as in hadn't eaten, living through a famine, not as in hungry starving) and there are vitamins i seem unable to absorb etc. and two other family members also came up as screwed with the aminos and when they pulled my brother off dairy and wheat his tinnitus went away.

but... well, saying bye bye to gluten and dairy is big.  i like bagels dammit. 

and there seem to be arguments out there about whether or not the best test is of blood, or of a stool sample, or done via biopsy.  i had a colonoscopy 5 years ago and the doctor didn't say anything about showing signs, but i have gotten sicker since then, new sick things that are on the lists on problems caused by gluten/casesin but they're also problems that can be caused by other things so blah!

anyway.  i also wanted to ask if you guys though this place:


is full of it ?

i'm seeing the doctor tomorrow and will talk to him about all of this, of course, but i was just wondering what you guys thought.



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No need to reintroduce gluten into the diet if already gluten-free
[from the site]

...if you are testing for an immune-type reaction,  THIS IS BULL.

If you strongly suspect sensitivities, you should get the tests done now anyway- there is no reason to screw with your diet again just to do a test.

But if there is nothing conclusive from that, and you and your doctor can't come up with any other ideas, you probably would have to reintroduce gluten to get an accurate result.

But there are so many sources of gluten that unless you have been really hard core at it for a long time, you probably have some in your diet.

Reintroducing it again might still be necessary though.


I have heard of testing stool from many many sources and it seems like this site is treating it as a fairly unusual procedure? Is there something new and exciting that they do? I don't really know...

I don't really know about the validity of anything else that they have to say.

But it is definately possible to get a completely inaccurate result [negative] if you aren't eating gluten. And when you are. [i call shenanigans.]


Another way to figure out that you likely have at east and intolerance is for your doctor together info about you, your symptoms, health history, family health history and any of them who have symptoms/allergies.

hrm. I don't know how helpful that was.


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i have gluten intolerance.  when i quit eating wheat, my lactose intolerance went away.  that's because the villi in the small intestine make lactase, and when they are damaged by gluten they can't make lactase, so we often see gluten intolerance and milk intolerance together.

gold standard of testing is small intestine biopsy, done via a scope.  large intestine will not show the symptoms, as the affected villi are in the small intestine. 

some docs will run a blood test to look for levels of immunoglobins (?) from the gluten reaction.  mine came back inconclusive...but i had already reduced the amount of wheat i was eating, and so had reduced the level of the by-products.

of course, if you eliminate gluten & your symptoms go away and stay away, that's a pretty big clue but most docs want to run the tests.

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so the big to-do in my family is that we think a bunch of us may have either gluten or casesin issues or both.  i know i've had dairy issues since birth, but i don't know if it's lactose or casesin. 


Not to complicate your life further....

It could also be the milk fat. My reaction to milk is based on milk fat -- whole milk, high quality (i.e. high fat) ice cream, and so forth give me terrible intestinal trouble as they move through my system very rapidly.

At the same time, lactaid and the other products to deal with lactose intolerance do nothing for me. My reaction is exactly the same whether I use/take them or not.

The only good thing, is that while it limits my consumption of some very unhealthy food it is otherwise easy to deal with.


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so, my doctor ended up sending my blood to this special co that does food allergy testing.  testing me for diary, gluten, eggs, wheat, corn, etc.  IgG and IgE (which he said was the key, to do both.)  he said a negative doesn't mean 100% i have no problems, but that a positive is of use and that if i am having problems with one food i may have problems with multiple foods, so fancy pants full screening ahoy.  i hope it's useful.  though he said that really if i wanted to know i should just do the whole remove from diet and then challenge thing. 

so, i printed out this food list:http://www.tacanow.com/foodlist.htm and i'll go have fun at the market tomorrow. 

apparently it would be nice if i lived at home again as my step mom is now baking fresh GF/CF bread every day and made GF/CF waffles for breakfast today. 

then again, maybe if it is food, and i pull this crap out of my diet, i'll start to feel well enough to cook? 

take care


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Hi. I guess that I'm sensitive to the protein in the wheat. Before my allergist tested me again I did an exclusionary diet way to test my food sensitivity. Anyway. They suggest I avoid chocolate. And with the terrible time I'm having with the new allergy season, maybe being without chocolate would be better than my tiredness, headache, fluid in the head etc. Maybe I should go to work all naked.

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I have family members with celiac disease and in fact the test for gluten intolerance will not be accurate unless you are eating gluten. My grandma got tested while she was eating gluten and was diagnosed. My cousin stopped the gluten and feels so much better that she refuses to re-add it to her diet just for a proper dx. They did test her when she had already eliminated it and it was negative. She figures, why get sick just to get the dx? She knows she has it and eats accordingly.

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