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Does anybody remember this Guy off youtube?? Went by the name Dr of Mind..Hes a legit straight up Pyschiatrist..He ended up taking down his original channel..He was a real quirky character lol I actually liked him..I miss his channel .He had some really informative videos on medications and what combinations worked best etc

Anyone else use to watch his stuff??

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Yes I remember him. His stuff was free, then he maid all his stuff pay to view, which kinda miffed me, and then he disappeared. Now suddenly his stuff is reappearing, and it looks as though someone is recording these videos on a phone camera while they're playing on a computer or something.

He was pretty quirky alright. He had what I think is called reactive attachment disorder, which he talked about in one of his videos. My mother was a 1st grade teacher for a while after she went back to work after having me, and she had a girl in her class room with RAD and other issues, and that girl was *LEGIT* nuts.

I kinda agree on some of the things he talks about, but I am also kinda under the impression that he is very, very conservative. Like he said he would never prescribe a stimulant with venlafaxine and whatnot. 

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@mikl_pls I'm not 100% but from what i remember i think he took his channel down due to complaints..https://lasvegassun.com/news/2010/mar/23/bad-sense-humor-all-doctors-guilty/

18 minutes ago, mikl_pls said:

He was pretty quirky alright.

He sure was...he used to do videos of himself talking about meds whilst in his underwear lol 

I liked his channel and i do miss it..He really knew his stuff regards meds and used to break his vids down into really easy to understand ways...

On all accounts hes a  very good psychiatrist...

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