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5 hours ago, chem said:

my friends and I started a chicken coop.

Only the absence of a hyphen prevents me from wondering what you do in a chicken co-op, and whether the chickens are considered voting members. The presence of a hyphen leaves me wondering how you contain the chickens in a coop that has only been started.

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18 hours ago, Gearhead said:

Is this the same starter that needed to take a time out in the fridge?

Yes. It had a time out. Now it's doing its fermentation thing

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Adorable chickens!  Someone in my neighborhood has chickens and I purposely go by their house every time I walk my dogs just to say hello to the chickens.  Except its winter now and I live in a place that gets very cold and unpleasant in the winter, now I go by their house wondering if they let the chickens into the house when it's really cold or how they handle it (note I do not see the chickens out in the yard in winter).  The chickens have been there a couple of years so they must have some sort of solution.

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