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90 mg of Concerta a day?

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I take 90 mg of Concerta because lower doses doesn't work that well. I was talking to my pdoc about switching to dextroamphetamine (called Dexedrine in US I belive?), but she doesn't want to change anything when I'm finally stable. Actually, more stable than I've been in years.

Are there any dangers of taking such a high dose of Concerta? Appearantly I'm a very fast metabolizer, so I tend to need over the recommended dose of EVERYTHING. (Goes for illegal drugs too. Eh...)

Any experiences with higher doses of Concerta?

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Is that at once or over the course of a day?

That's high but not absurdly high.

I never took that much at once but did take more than that a day.

You might want to try other methyphenidate preperations and see if the different release rates make a difference.

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