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I'm wondering if anyone else thinks your ability to use a computer or the amount of time you use a computer before onset of illness effects your prognosis? I have a sister with schizoaffective as well and she doesn't really know how to use much technology. So she just sits in her room and listens to the same music day in and out and can't really function. I on the other hand know how to use technology really well and I am at a higher level of functioning. Do you guys think that technology usage effects prognosis?

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12 hours ago, JustGotOut said:

 Do you guys think that technology usage effects prognosis?

IMO, prognosis, or course of a mental illness, depends on a lot of factors......Usage of technology could be a piece of the puzzle , but again, IMO, it's not the whole picture.

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My sister has very similar diagnoses to me, and she doesn't have to take meds, but controls it with therapy, though she has taken medications in the past.  She works quite a bit more and has more friends.  She also uses technology less.  We do not have schizoaffective, however, more along the lines of bipolar/autism/anxiety.  I am not sure technology usage is related to prognosis.  

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