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Has anyone done teletherapy by text?

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I am having trouble opening up in therapy. This has been the case since I started with this therapist.  I took a break from therapy, but I do have issues I would like to be able to talk with someone.

i asked my tdoc if we could text or email instead of talking and she said texting would be okay.  She can bill for it.

i also emailed a different therapist to see if she is taking new clients in case this fails.

it takes me awhile to formulate my thoughts and organize them.  I think it may be easier for me to write then to speak.

i hope it goes well. Or I figure something else out.

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I have not texted but at one time had a tdoc who had me write in a journal, which she read. I mention it because it may be a thought you could use, not sure exactly how in telehealth, but maybe send it by email then discuss in text whatever. Telehealth sort of complicates things. Anyway I did write things I couldn’t or wouldn’t say so I can see how texting could work. I hope it pans out for you. 

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Thanks. It went well. It us slow because you have to take time to write but did not feel awkward like when there are pauses in person. We are doing it again next week. I think eventually I will move back to telephone or in person when that is an option

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