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Has anyone tried EMDT? 
I have a new psychologist who wants to do it and I’m willing to try anything. Just wondering what it’s like and if anyone got results?

mine is for complex PTSD, so I guess there’s a lot to cover but she said one memory leads on to another. I don’t know. 

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is that the same as EMDR? that's what i do with my tdoc, have been at it for over a year now. i don't have a PTSD dx, complex or otherwise, but i have a personality disorder that primarily stems from an unhappy/traumatic childhood. so, my trauma is spread over years, not in clear episodes. EMDR has been really useful for me in processing a lot of anger i had about my childhood. i'm much more at peace with it now. it's also been helpful for me in explaining where a lot of my disordered/distorted thoughts and beliefs come from. i'm seeing very slow change in replacing my negative beliefs with positive ones, but there has been some progress. 

lots of people find EMDR very heavy, so be aware of that. i've had some difficult sessions, but generally i walk out of therapy feeling empty in a good way, like a decompressed sort of way. if you're prone to dissociation, EMDR can trigger that as well. there's usually a grounding period at the end of a session to bring you back to earth. there's also a decent amount of visualization exercises, so if you struggle with that at all (i do at times), sometimes it can seem a little woo-woo. also inner child work has been a big part of it for me, which i am more receptive to than visualization.

i do therapy every two weeks, and we don't do EMDR every time. sometimes i just need to talk about other stuff going on in my life/head. i think EMDR maybe works better the more often you do it (my therapist wanted to see me every week, but financially and logistically i couldn't swing it), but it works just fine for me at this pace.

i'd write more, but my brain is a bit mush tonight. i'm happy to share my experience some more if you have any specific questions.

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