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a funny thing about anafranil

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I was reading some livejournal earlier, and noticed a girl posted something abotu anafranil. I thought it was really funny, so here it is;

Rarely, patients taking clomipramine [Anafranil] experience yawngasm. Experience what? A spontaneous orgasm while yawning. Honest. This unusual side effect, which affects both males and females, may be considered adverse or beneficial, depending on one's view of such things. In at least one documented case, yawngasms strongly influenced compliance, as evidenced by the patient asking how long she would be "allowed" to continue treatment. Although data are scarce, one might guess that the occasional yawngasm would help relieve depression.

Taken fromPharmacology for Nursing Care by Richard A. Lehne. 5th edition.

I wasn't sure where to put this, but it seemed okay here.


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