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3 hours ago, BostonGirl123 said:

I just started Remeron 15 mg a few days ago. So far the side effects have not been too bad except the weird and vivid dreams. This is listed as one of the side effects. Did anyone else have this? Did it go away eventually? 

When I tried Remeron, I was on 15mg for around 6 months or so....I experienced strange dreams the whole time I was on it.....The reason I eventually stopped it was because I gained a bunch of weight on it........However, I'm not downing Remeron at all, it works really well for some people.

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The vivid dreams got a lot better (less vivid) for me after those first few days. I definitely feel increased appetite but I've been trying to deal with it by eating healthy snacks (fruit and pretzels). So hopefully I won't gain too much weight. Not really sure if this med is helping me yet or not but I guess time will tell. 

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I've been on various doses of remeron and effexor since 2002. The vivid technicolor dreams/nightmares have not yet abated and it's been 18 years. I mean, sometimes the dreams will be boring-weird or totally banal but quite vivid. And a lot of the time it's me abusing people, people abusing me, long torture sequences, apocalyptic storylines (that's probably the most frequent recurring theme), being killed, killing others, etc. etc. Usually pretty gory. I have woken myself up a few times trying to scream but it's been awhile since that happened. Usually I'll have multiple dream plots in one night and some will be "uncomfortable" and some will be banal. So there can be a mix.

I confess I recently got around to watching Tiger King on netflix over the course of a few nights. (The topic has always been a fascination of mine.) But anyways, boy did that lead to some "fun" dreams being torn apart by tigers and lions roaming around my house and seeing my loved ones ripped apart too. It was all part of a bigger storyline. I forget most of the details as usual.

Weird thing is, my dreams and nightmares never seem to bother me much in my waking life. I guess I'm fortunate that way? I mean, even when I wake up from these dreams in the middle of the night, usually I just roll over and go back to sleep, knowing that I'm probably just going to get thrown back into another bad dream. If it's the morning/afternoon and I'm sleeping in and the dreams are extra special bad, I'll occasionally get up earlier than planned rather than face going back to sleep and undergoing more but that's pretty rare.

So for me, the vivid dreams have never gone away.

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