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Light-box therapy experiences--Did it help?

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My therapist has recommended getting a therapeutic light box since my depression gets even worse during fall and winter......I have never used one, so don't have much knowledge about choosing a good brand, or how to use it.

If you have ever used one, did it help any with your depression?.....All feedback welcome and appreciated...

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I've tried using one on and off over the years (this model- https://www.sunbox.com/shop/10000-lux-bright-lights/sunlight-jr-2/) when docs thought they were treating unipolar depression or SAD; I've since been dx'd with BP II (but not sure that matters). I tried to be very methodical and consistent with it, but unfortunately felt that I derived no benefit. It's odd, tho, because I do experience definite seasonal changes in summer and winter. I'm sure a LOT more biology goes into it tho, than just photoperiods and light intensity. 

FWIW, I've also experimented with a dawn and dusk simulator, but experienced the same outcome. I'm pretty treatment resistant in general, tho, so it's probably just the way I'm wired. Others have reported improvement, and although I haven't looked in a long while, there was quite a bit of favorable published research at the time.

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