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4 hours ago, BostonGirl123 said:

I ordered a menopause FSH test online for about $10. Basically you pee on a stick and it tells you if you are going through menopause. Anyone take a test like this before, and was it accurate for you?

This home test must be fairly new....Haven't heard of it, so I don't know how accurate it might be.....

When I had an FSH test a while ago, I had to go to my doc's office.

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18 hours ago, Fluent In Silence said:

Do you think I was born a female? I shall take that as a compliment. Though I do have a prostate.

Erm. Reading that back I have no idea what point I was trying to make. Whatever it was the point wasn't to sound rude to you notloki, which it does sort of sound like now. Sorry. Or am I being paranoid? Sorry anyway.

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The hot flashes drive me crazy and make my husband snicker at me cos I never know when they will hit, but typically, they are at night. I worry because the women in my family have a history of doing batty things when they hit their 40's...I'm almost out of the danger zone at 47. When she was in her early 40's my Grandmother was married with three young girls in their pre-teens. My Grandmother ran off with a younger man who was only 33 and left her kids to be raised by their Father in a time period when men simply did not raise children. My mom resented her mom and they didn't talk for many years. Then, crazy as it was, when my mom turned 39 she also was married and had four kids...three boys and a girl...all in high school...mom ran off with a bricklayer who was only 21!! 🤪 She left her older children alone with her 1st husband. Which set off another cycle of resentments. Mom thought she was going through the "change of life" when she was told she was pregnant with ME. When I was born, Mom was 40. When my sister turned 41 she left her husband and daughter and ran off with a rodeo rider...needless to say, I am really hoping not to follow in their screwed up footsteps. I'm 47, still with my husband, have no children to abandon and don't have any kind of wander lust. Three more years and I should be out of the danger zone.! 

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