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I just got a big news flash I have this thang called neuro diabetes Insipidus..

Not that I did not know something was really wrong in the plumbing dept but no one listened until my old Doctor decided to help the elderly..

So the new  Doc investigated my claims and 4 months later here I am... A non stop peeing machine.. Gross.. but true. Drink .. NO..    Pee tons anyway.... keep going until you shrivel up and croak.  Or drink so muck water until you bloat up like a dead fish and all your electrolyles get so out of balance, we will kill you...  ;)

So that is the FROSTY DISEASE of the month.. Anybody out  there ... It is rare

Like really rare.  Just hoping.. Frosty..

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Yes I have the nasal spray but I need so much It scares me.. I run out so fast..

I cannot believe this is happening Reddog... They say the Hypothalymus is the

brain of the brain and when that fails it is a downward chain reaction.. I already

have a dying thyroid and am told more to come. Pineal is calcified .. pituitary is to

be checked now... Thanks for always caring..  Frosty

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okay, take a deeeep breath.....look at it this way:  you obviously have been having health problems that weren't properly addressed for a while. now they are.  there is a very good chance that these things are *inter related*: that they may all be symptoms of one disorder, rather than a whole bunch of unrelated stuff.

what i'm getting at is although it may seem like your body is failing, it could be just the docs finding out more as they do a *more thorough investigation*.  it would be better if, through cataloging all these issues, they suddenly realize that it is all caused by *one* thing.

feel free to pm me; my husband is in the medical field & has access to lots of med journals and can look up terms, illnesses and treatments for you.  he's a computer jock, but he has worked in the field of cancer research all his life, doing data management for clinical trials for drugs, so he has to have medical background.  we have access to lots of explanatory stuff.  just ask, if you need to.

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Heya frosty,

DI is, yes, rare.

And treatable.

And like reddog said, could be related to everything else.

You're on the right treatment.

I'm away from home right now, no Big Books.


PM me too if you want to.

Be okay, don't give up, and hey, at least now you have a *name* for this thing.


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If you do end up having a pituitary problem, I might be able to give you some info. Couple years ago, docs thought I might have a pituitary tumor. I didn't. However, I did a lot of research at that time and I'd be happy to pass along what I have. Please fell free to PM if you'd like.

Hope you get to the bottom of this soon, and am so glad you finally have a doc who takes it seriously.



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Thank you everyone for your help .. I have to MRI and CT Scan now..  I guess we will know more then.. I sometimes think it is funny.. If its bad, rare, and hazardous.. HELLO FROSTY>>>

Sniff sniff.. I remember a long time ago..  Having one vial of pills.. Then next thing I knew I needed a little makeup bag to carry them.. then a larger pencil case, Now I carry a clutch purse.. A gym  bag soon???  ;)

Maybe a trailer.. who knows EH???


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no no Frosty, not a trailer...you need one of those bookbags on wheels!

chin up girl.  i'm betting on they put together all your symptoms and finally come up with the root cause of your problems.  (and probably not something that will kill you, otherwise you'd be dead by now).

love to you.

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