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People trying to hack my account?

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Hi all,

I've been getting a lot of emails from CB saying people are trying to log into my account here. The emails say that my account is locked due to 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. Sometimes it'll say an attempted log in from the UK, sometimes Texas, sometimes Romania, sometimes Norway. But I have no problem getting into my account just now with my password so I don't know if these emails are fake? I didn't click on anything in the email just to be sure.

Is there anything I can do besides make my password even harder to guess? Thanks! 

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The emails are possibly spam, attempting to get you to click on something or divulge information - but they are also, in your case, a warning.

A concentrated attempt has been made to access your Crazyboards account by login from a large number of IP addresses in very rapid succession, indicating an automated attack with your email address as its source. Your account is secure - the system worked as designed to repel the unauthorized access while still allowing you to log in.

What this means, however, is that somewhere out there, bad people have the email address you used to make your account here, and are actively trying to use it to access your accounts.

Don’t panic. Now would be a good time to review all the places you’ve used that email address to link up your life, go there, and change/beef up your passwords. Make them strong, 12 or more characters including at least one Capital and one lowercase letter, one numeral, and one special character like the ones over the numbers on your keyboard. If you have the option to secure accounts with Two-Factor Authorization,, do so.

Let me reassure you, your CB account has not been compromised. You are safe here. The world outside is scary, though, so check your accounts, okay?

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9 hours ago, notloki said:

The major factor in password strength is length of password. Shoot for 8 or more characters and your password will be unhackable. 

Unless of course you choose "password" as your password (which technically is 8 or more characters). Apparently there really are people that choose such terrible passwords. Like "1234", etc. Really makes me wonder about the human race's long term prospects come to think of it.

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Ideally your password is not a common name or a word at all. 8 randomly chosen characters are best. Or a few words that are unrelated,like cathousesnowmirror.

I had to crack a 50,000 user password file. About half were common words and were discovered in a week.I had the brute force the rest, which means trying all possible combinations. Very time consuming.

The worst passwords are those that are true words like, love, man, house. Any word that can be found in the dictionary is too easy.

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