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Please be patient with me as part of why im asking is from my ocd, not to make any questioning of meds. I just want some positive reassurance.


Just recently i had my risperdal increased to 3 mg to augment citalopram for ocd, depression. Thing is im nervous because i know it starts blocking a lot of dopamine.


I know it cant be as simple as dopamine d2 equals pleasure and motivation? Im hoping the D1 receptors are more important and that the risperdal wont induce any worsening of anhedonic tendencies or amotivation in me. Surely its alpha 2 blockade may increase serotonin and norepinephrine.


I guess im worried about two things. I hope i didnt just max out on the antidepressant properties of risperdal at 2 mg and now 3 is just a heavy dopamine blocker as hopefully its serotonin receptor occupancy will also increase dose dependently


Plus im worried about all these things that implicate dopamine in reward and hope it isnt so clear cut that it will become problematic


Perhaps anyone knowledgable can help elucidate my concerns or knowledge


Thx and sorry about any trouble/ if my post is unclear

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I've been reading a lot on psych meds, neurotransmitters, binding affinity and whatnot.

It was interesting to know what X is supposed to do and what it actually does for my condition.

I noticed that I tend to dive deeper and deeper into the subject when my OCD is out of balance. So that's part of it.

My pdoc does provide “technical” info about the treatment, but he explained to me once that there are so many factors to take into account (metabolism, enzyme interactions, drug-drug interaction, adjustments, receptor up/downregulation and whatnot...) that trying to put things together by reading through the internet is impossible and doesn't improve anything, if not the opposite.

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On 10/17/2020 at 6:11 AM, the maze runner said:

Don't take high doses of risperidone. It will make you anhedonic and robotic.

Any robotic feelings i have are actually before i started risperdal and if its not from an endogenous disorder itself, i simply attribute it to my ssri but i have to take that, been on ssris for over a decade, if not i feel terrible even if i may have directly or indirectly more emotional sensitivity.

Anyway i was hoping for some positivity from people saying their antipsychotic did not make them anhedonic

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