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Anyone else always angry? Wether its at the world,Yourself or just anything in general?

I always have a angry undertone to me..I'm always angry at something..It could be something from the past it could be something thats happening in the world or it could be just people and society in general..

I feel like i always have to be in some form of conflict..I'm always having imaginary conflict in my mind..The subject content could be literally anything ..Even when i feel pretty chilled i.e No major anxiety etc i still have to have some conflict going on in my head...To speak to me you wouldnt think it as i'm quite a pleasant person yet if there was some device that could look into someones mind you would be like WTF ...I dont find it a major issue per say at times it motivates me although some times it can be draining...

Anyone else similar?

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On 10/31/2020 at 4:42 PM, WMD1991 said:

Yeah I have been angry about people who have wronged me in the past. I  manage to calm down by being alone.

Yes i get angry over past wrongs done to me but i also get angry over imagined conflict...It sounds daft but i feel like i'm almost addicted to this internal imagined conflict...It happens everyday and i cant remember a day i havent had it..i'll watch debates purposely to get myself stirred up..The debates can be about anything..Religion,politics etc etc 

Another trivial example...I watched something on youtube last night about a guy who went to africa and helped put a water pipe in...And he then went on to say that if one person can do this why hasn't charity that has had billions poured into it over the years managed it..I started imagining having conflicts with people who stop you in the street to sign  u up to a charity and having these angry debates about why haven't they done it??..Thats just a typical very trivial example...The subject content can be literally anything...These internal imagined conflicts boarder on obsessive..They take up a massive chunk of my day...I wouldnt say they are really bothersome although i can get to a point were the anger has drained me..At other times i do get a lot of guilt..

Part of me wonders if i've got a lot of unresolved anger going on and these conflicts that i imagine are a way of processing it??? I hope this makes sense as i have this obsessive fear about not coming across properly online...

I can function and sometimes these internal conflicts can motivate me say when i'm in the gym...I do think part of me is addicted to it...I know it sounds daft but i just cant help myself to get wound up over something...I know that i'm quite sensitive as much as i hate to admit that and a lot of these conflicts inside of me play into my misanthropy as a lot of it relates to what can be happening in the world and human behaviour.. 

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I have a lot of these imaginary conflicts running through my head frequently as well.  I can get quite off-kilter about them.  I wouldn't say I'm always angry, sometimes I am angry and sometimes I am paranoid, but I tend towards anxiety most of the time.  I feel like I have some kind of unprocessed something? as well and am always running scenarios in my head to try to predict what will happen next, but it doesn't really work that well and I just get neurotic.  

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3 minutes ago, Banana Smurf said:

I have a lot of these imaginary conflicts running through my head frequently as well.  I can get quite off-kilter about them.  I wouldn't say I'm always angry, sometimes I am angry and sometimes I am paranoid, but I tend towards anxiety most of the time. 


That pretty much sums me up to a Tee !!! I can get very distracted by them..

I also flitter a lot with anxiety/paranoia...Anxiety does tend to be the most prominent of the two but they can feed into one another...I don't know why i have to have this imaginary conflict..I've wondered if on a subconscious level i'm trying to process some trauma??

I remember been in psychodynamic therapy and the therapist saying that been an angry person could be because of a unresolved wrong doing...Feeling that i've been wronged in life  and its unresolved...Something along those lines...

i'd like to offer you an answer to this but i'm not 100% sure as to why i even do it myself...Maybe its a combination of things???

I try to watch a lot of Alan Watts which is very Zen Buddhist...I find that it grounds me quite a bit..It helps me not to take myself to seriously too





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I can't really speak to the anger (I'm more of a repressive type myself, which isn't very healthy but it's on the therapy bucket list) but I can 100% relate to weird obsessive thinking. I mention obsessive thinking because there was some stuff in your comments which resonated with me. I think sometimes in psychology there is an urge to go deeper (i.e. trauma, unconscious, etc.) rather than go broader (e.g. does this fall into a pattern).

When I was a teen I had this mental habit of thinking up a 'word of the day'. There was no rhyme or reason to this- there was an obsession though, I was mentally focused on finding patterns in my life and the 'word of the day' was more 'what fits the pattern'. 

 I rewatched Dirty John (Netflix series) recently and something the lawyer said might be relevant. If you try to fight anger with anger (his example was working out job frustrations with boxing) all you are going to get is more anger. You haven't actually solved your problem, just wound yourself up. I do this with anxiety all the time

Do you also have a fear of conflicts or arguments? Are the internal debates sort of a way of practising for potential conflicts with others? This is definitely something I've done as well...

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i have a lot of imaginary arguments in my head, often at work. i always imagine what would happen if a customer came up and said [something rude] and what i would say back, and how i would totally shut them down and prove my point flawlessly. i tend to think it's a kind of rumination -- maybe to make up for all the conversations i've had with people where i didn't call out bullshit comments. sometimes it really ruffles my feathers, other times it's just background brain noise. i wouldn't say i'm a particularly angry person, but i can be irritable, especially if i feel i've been slighted somehow.

i know i'm quick to feel outraged. if someone has been rude to me or i've been in a situation that wasn't fair/right, i can talk myself into a frenzy about it. at some point you just have to breathe and let it go.

On 11/2/2020 at 9:43 AM, GrannyG81 said:

I hope this makes sense as i have this obsessive fear about not coming across properly online...

this is an aside, but i have this fear too. it makes it hard to write concise posts.

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Sometimes when I'm down it's like "fuck everything!" Everything is so fucking shit and there's no way to to succeed anyway, in this fucked up, worthless, piece of shit world. Things like that. And relax. Anger usually comes back and hits me in the face. I'm angry at myself for being such a piece of shit and not being able to live a normal life.

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There's plenty of reasons to hate the world. A lot of people are just scum and global warming can't happen soon enough. Easy to pick up on the negative when you feel down. Not everyone is awful but being pissed off about the state of this sick, sad world doesn't mean you're crazy. I'm pretty much harmless but I do feel that anger. Listen to Slipknot! Raaaaah! A lot of it is hating myself and thinking that I'm no good. When you think like that everyone seems hostile. They're all going to hate you because you're worthless and they'll see that. Nothing good can possibly come from knowing other people, and if they're going to hate you then hate them back preemptively. That's bullshit but I still think that way sometimes when I feel down. "I hate everything. As much as I hate me" (Helmet - Sinatra). People don't hate me. They tolerate me. No, people sometimes like me and it's difficult to deal with. Why don't you hate me? Fucking stop it. When I'm depressed I can't really stop it. Everything is awful and everyone has it in for me. Fuck the world and fuck me. Despite the anger I wouldn't hurt anyone because of it. I might hurt someone for different reasons. "Ed Sheeran's music is fucking mediocre you dick!" No I wouldn't even assault Ed Sheeran fans. People make mistakes and punching them in the face won't improve their musical tastes. What the fuck am I talking about? How did I get here? I've never punched anyone in the face. I'm only violent with my words. 

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